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Rev 19,1-9

(136i) Temple >> Your spirit is the temple of God >> The body of Christ >> Body of Christ is the Church – Genesis 2-23 says, “The man said, ‘This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.’” This verse is talking about Eve as a separate person from Adam, yet having similar flesh and bones. The same holds true with Christ and the Church. The Church represents every person who has died in faith since the beginning of time, including Old Testament believers. The Church in heaven is the wife of the Lamb, each of us being a member of His body. The bride of Christ is one flesh and one Spirit with Him, and we represent Him to His creation.

Rev 19,1-7

(252h) Trinity >> You shall put no other gods before Me >> Worship God >> Worship God for being God – God’s people worship him for being both the Creator and the judge of all creation. His judgments are true and righteous, and as a result we can trust Him with our lives. We are His own possession, who after this life will trust Him in eternity. He is setting precedence for the future and preparing our heart to understand that He is completely trustworthy. He is proving that even if we must suffer it is better in the end, and there is a reward for faithfulness waiting for us. He knows what He's doing, and we believe in Him, putting our thoughts and opinions aside and trusting that what He is doing is for the best. See also: Eternity; Rev 19,1-6; 40l / Trust God; Rev 19,1-6; 40l

Rev 19,1-6

(40l) Judgment >> God is glorified >> God defends His righteousness through judgment – One of the major points of faith in God is His justice. In eternity He will make judgments that will seem strange and illogical to us, as He is often confounding in this life. In a billion years from now God will continue to do things that will astound us, yet every confounding situation will help us understand Him a little better as we trust Him. We are mistaken to think this life is about us. Such an outlook makes God seem like our servant, as though everything He does is for our sake, as though nothing He does should ever be for His own purpose, as though it were selfish of God to ever think about Himself. We are so self-centered that we never stop to consider what God may be trying to accomplish through us. It says that in heaven all pain and suffering will cease, but that doesn’t mean we will never have to trust God again. It is important to God that we believe in Him, because He knows the future; the things He will call us to do will require us to trust Him, just as in this life. God is always planning for the future and lives in the present; He always has the big picture in mind. In eternity there will be all kinds of bends in the road, tight corners and confounding circumstances, and we will need to trust God, and He is setting precedence for that in this life. See also: Eternity; Rev 19-3; 47a / Trust God; 49f / Trust the brethren; 2Tim 4-16; 130m

(49f) Judgment >> God's enemies are destroyed >> Enemies of the prophets are destroyed -- These verses go with verse 21. All of us in heaven trust God for the judgments that He has executed against our enemies, who have oppressed us and martyred the prophets and the saints. We understand the justice of God against our enemies for what they have done to us, and the fact that we are giving praise to God and worshipping Him is affirming that His judgment is true and righteous, yet many people fall away from the faith, because they don’t believe in God’s justice. They don’t agree with what He is doing, or not doing. They think He should counteract the suffering and injustice in the world, instead of sitting back and letting it all happen, but keep in mind that His bondservants in heaven worship Him. It says that many of His worshippers were martyred, meaning that they trusted God when they were alive in the flesh, but people these days who are falling away from the faith have lost their trust in God. They don’t believe in His justice; instead, they believe God should be more active in their lives, and bring about justice more swiftly, but if they don’t repent of their unbelief, they may not be counted in the roles of heaven. We who believe in God are the only ones who understand how much is at stake. See also: Trust God; 50ha

(50ha) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> Second half of the tribulation >> Fall of Satan – Finally, God has used His power and has begun to reign! Man has been waiting for this ever since the Garden of Eden. Now things will be better, because Satan is no longer in charge. Christ has taken his place and become Prince of the Power of the Air. The kingdom that He builds will be one that incorporates the fruits of the Spirit. The saints are happy that God is in charge and that they don’t have an ogre for a leader; instead, they have someone they can trust. See also: Trust God; Rev 19,1-3; 39ja

Rev 19,1-3

(39ja) Judgment >> Jesus defeated death >> Jesus defeated this world system >> Jesus defeated people who serve Satan -- These verses go with verses 11-21. Everything reduces to trust regarding faith in God’s righteous judgment. For example, we don’t understand why punishing somebody forever just for a few decades of rebellion is righteous. There are many things we don’t understand about God, and part of the reason is we don’t understand ourselves. No other animal comes close to the mind that God has given us that we might reason with Him, and come to realize that we owe Him our allegiance a simple matter of trust. When endtime prophecy unfolds, many won't understand why He allowed the saints to be martyred, but He allowed it for the same reason He allowed Israel to remain in bondage to the Egyptians for 400 years and hardened Pharaoh's heart time and again, so He might have occasion to judge him more severely. Maybe we don't understand, and maybe we disagree, but if we trust Him, we stand to benefit. See also: Trust God; Rev 19-3; 245g

Rev 19-1

(130b) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Unity >> Being in one accord >> Having one voice

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Rev 19-2,3

(29c) Gift of God >> God is our advocate >> Delivered from death

(134i) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Sins of the body >> Immorality >> Adultery >> Spiritual adultery – The harlot is the Catholic Church, having paired the corruption of her immorality with the blood of the saints. The word “Harlot” suggests that she is not married, but if she were, her husband would be Christ. This makes room for the woman in Revelation chapter twelve to be the true bride of Christ, meaning the harlot is the counterfeit church.

Rev 19-2

(12f) Servant >> Nature of a bond servant -- This verse goes with verse 5

(28i) Gift of God >> God is our advocate >> God crushes those who make us stumble

(107f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Hearing From God >> Truth of the trinity >> Father is truth

(189f) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Martyr >> Martyrs bring about the judgment of God – The book of Revelation is symbolic and literal in regard to many things it says, and so this word “immorality” means exactly that, but it also refers to idolatry. Martyrdom during the seals is the reason God has judged the harlot. 

Rev 19-3

(40k) God Is Glorified Through Judgment (Key verse)

(47a) Judgment >> God Judges the world >> Hell is a place of sorrow >> It is a great fire prepared for the devil and his angels >> The lake of fire -- This verse goes with verse 20. This is God's creation agreeing with His justice. John equated the burning of Rome in the last days with the judgment of hell, showing the seamless connection between her judgment on earth and her judgment in eternity, as though hell opened its mouth and swallowed the Vatican city of Satan. See also: Eternity; 189c

(189aa) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Holy sacrifice >> The smell of death >> Stench of the dead

(189c) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Holy sacrifice >> Acceptable sacrifice -- Since those in hell determined not serve God, He used them as an object lesson for His creation that rebellion is a very poor decision. God views those in hell as sacrificing their eternal future for the sake of the elect. See also: Eternity; 245gRev 19,7-10; 224e

(245g) Kingdom of God >> Spirit realm imposed on the natural realm >> Literal manifestations >> Manifestation of God’s righteous judgment >> Manifestation of God’s justice Part of our rejoicing in heaven pertains to God’s judgment on the wicked. Some of us are already happy that our enemies are going to hell, but if we were honest with ourselves, we would think it was a little too severe to give people bodies that cannot die and then throw them into a lake of fire and leave them there to suffer forever and ever. None of us would wish a fate like that on our worst enemy, not even the most ruthless serial killer; anybody who seriously thought about this would have to say that it seems over-the-top. Some people think it would be better that God just annihilated them, but God would answer, ‘I made man an eternal spirit, and I won't repent of it because they won't serve Me.’ That would be rewarding man for rebelling against Him. They might reply, ‘Why then did you create them in the first place,’ but Paul said in Rom 9-20, “Who are you, O man, who answers back to God?” Who are they to tell God what to create and what not to create? What will we do about God’s seeming distorted sense of justice? Will we give up on Him, or will we trust Him? Let’s face it, it boils down to just that. We don’t really know Him that well; we have only been alive for a handful of decades, some maybe even eight or nine, but that is nothing compared to God's existence from eternity past. We haven’t even begun to understand Him, and in some ways we never will, but the longer we trust Him and the longer we know Him, the more time in prayer we spend with Him and learn about Him, the more He makes sense to us. God made people with an eternal spirit who grew wicked based on their own volition. Since the entire universe will eventually become His kingdom, there is no room for the wicked except in hell. They will deserve whatever judgment they receive, for they have defied the God of all creation. See also: Trust God; Rev 19,1-7; 252h / Hell (White Throne Judgment); 1Pet 3-9; 124i

Rev 19-5

(12f) Servant >> Nature of a bond servant -- This verse goes with verse 2

(88j) Thy kingdom come >> Fear of God causes repentance

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Rev 19,7-10

(50j) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> Second half of the tribulation >> The seventh trumpet >> Marriage Supper of the Lamb – Most people lament at the idea of living a celibate life in heaven, but that will not be the case at all. In Mat 22,24-30 the Pharisees asked Jesus a question about sex in the afterlife, and Jesus answered them, “In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.’” There will be no marriage between Christians in heaven, but there is a marriage supper and a bride and a groom when the Father marries Christ and the Church. Many people bemoan the fact that there will be no sex in heaven like we know in this life, but the heavenly marriage between Christ and the Church will far exceed what we know about sex in this life. People say, ‘What good is heaven without sex,’ and they are pointing out the profound significance of sex, saying that without it life isn’t worth living, but God would tell them that sex is just a symbol of what is to come!

(224e) Kingdom of God >> Illustrating the kingdom >> Description of heaven >> The joyful kingdom >> Marriage Supper of the Lamb – When does the Marriage Supper of the Lamb occur in the sequence of endtime events? Every soul who has ever been saved since Adam will be there, millions of people, and they will all have a chance to stand up and give their personal testimony as to how God saved them, which will take a really long time. We don’t know exactly what the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will entail, but we do know that it will be similar to the last supper that Jesus celebrated in the upper room with his disciples before He suffered, which was a time of fellowship. He will bring us all together in the first joyous celebration of victory over sin and death through the blood of Christ. In this life we live on a sequential timeline of events that cements the past behind us while the future remains somewhat malleable, but God’s experience of time in eternity is not the same as ours. For example, prophecy is cemented into the future. Moreover, God can squeeze a thousand years into one day, and make one day last a thousand years. God has scheduled the Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the Bowls of God's judgment. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is held in heaven apart from the natural concept of time, conceivably lasting thousands of years. This marriage feast is not something Jesus will want to expedite in order to get on with his millennial reign; rather, He has been looking forward to this since the last supper 2000 years ago. He said in Mk 14-24,25, “I tell you the truth, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it anew in the Kingdom of God.” Jesus was referring to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb when He said this. Therefore, based on these facts: 1) this celebration will likely take thousands of years to complete, 2) the earth will be in no condition to host this marriage ceremony, 3) the remnant is not included in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and 4) it seems most likely that this celebration will occur in heaven between the Bowls of God's judgment and the war of Armageddon, immediately after which He will set up His millennial kingdom. See also: Sequence of endtime events; Rev 19,17-21; 163k / Eternity; Rev 19-12; 231e / War of Armageddon; Rev 19,11-21; 39ja

Rev 19,7-9

(208ja) Salvation >> The salvation of God >> Personal relationship >> Being married to God >> Knowing God >> Church knows Christ as a woman knows a man – Believers in Jesus tend to forget that we will one day be married to Christ. That doesn’t sit very well with some Christian men who don’t want to be anyone's bride, and perhaps that is one reason more women than men believe in Jesus. Salvation and faith in Jesus is very much like a marriage relationship. When we got saved, we all took a vow to faithfully serve Christ for the rest of our lives, and baptism was our marriage ceremony. I prayed something like this: ‘Lord, from now on my life belongs to you; use me as you wish and I will do all I can to help make your plan and purpose a reality in my life.’ Many people get saved just to appease their conscience, which is not a bad motive, but the best motive of salvation is to develop a sincere relationship with Christ through the Spirit.

Rev 19-7,8

(83j) Thy kingdom come >> We have the ministry of intercession >> Church prepares itself to meet Jesus

Rev 19-7

(4j) Responsibility >> The choices you make >> Accountable for your deeds – When it says, "The bride has made herself ready," it alludes to cleaning her wedding dress, for she is about to be married! The actual wedding will occur just prior to the millennium, but the bride will get dressed for the occasion prior to Christ’s return. Therefore, we had better start preparing for a wedding, because His return is sooner than we think.

(125g) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Joy >> Joy is the result of unity – Our relationship with Christ is intimate, both individually and as a group. Individually, it bears a resemblance to a sexual relationship between a man and a woman in the way the Holy Spirit dwells in the believer, but collectively, this experience will be greatly magnified through unity to become the ultimate mystery of the afterlife, a mystery that God has not revealed to us. The relationship is like the indwelling Holy Spirit, but it is also like sexual intercourse. How could God reveal this to us, since we have no experiential basis to compare? Sex is actually the symbol of what is to come. When Christ is intimate with His Church, it will be different from the way the Holy Spirit dwells in the believer. An experience is coming that will be completely new, and the best way to explain it is with the word "Unity", since the term bride of Christ is defined by unity, one body with many members. Just as symbols are not an exact match of what they represent, so sex is not an exact match of the heavenly relationship we will come to know in Christ.

(234e) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Seeking the glory of God >> Set your mind on the glory of God

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Rev 19-8

(36b) Gift of God >> Gifts from the Holy Spirit >> The gift of repentance

(50h) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> Second half of the tribulation >> The saints flee into the wilderness - spiritual warfare  (Pre-rapture ascension)

(90i) Thy kingdom come >> Keeping the law >> Righteousness of the law >> All righteousness is covered by the law

(92d) Thy kingdom come >> The narrow way >> Trail of good works >> Putting on His good works -- This verse goes with verse 14

(103h) Thy kingdom come >> Purifying process >> Cleanse yourself

(113a) Heaven’s clothes (Key verse)

(113c) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> The anointing >> Heaven’s clothes >> Clothe yourself with good works -- This verse goes with verse 14. The very first thing the Church lost after the apostles fell asleep was the anointing. It was the most valuable and vulnerable of all the spiritual qualities of a Christian, making it Satan’s top priority to smother it and erase it from church history and doctrine. Without the anointing being in writing it became illegitimate to seek. Now the only people who teach the anointing are the flakes and nuts of televangelism who know less about it than the people who consider it heresy. When we look up the word anointing in the Bible, we see it mentioned more often in the Old Testament than in the New, except that the name Christ literally translated means “Anointed One,” hence Christians are “anointed ones.” The anointing is associated with temple worship, consisting of fragrant oil that the high priest wore in preparation to enter the Holy of Holies each year to make propitiation for the sins of the people on the Day of Atonement. The anointing lingers in the air where Satan dwells, intangible, detected only by the sense of smell. After partaking of the showbread, illumined by the golden lampstands, representing the enlightenment of God's word by the Spirit, and then passing the golden altar of perpetual incense referring to prayer, located just outside the veil along the way to the Most Holy Place, we discover the anointing that God has prepared for us. We are to wear it like perfume, like the clothes we wear in the form of good works, as Aaron dressed in the ceremonial robes of his priesthood. See also: Anointing (Definition); 2Tim 2-1; 55a

(115l) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Working the grace of God >> Through Good Works >> Works that God prepared for you – God did not clothe the woman; rather, she clothed herself. There are doctrines coming mostly from the Evangelical and Baptist point of view claiming that God must do everything for us, and that we can do nothing for ourselves, because our works are as filthy rags, quoting from Isaiah 64-6. There are those who sit on their hands waiting for God to begin working in their lives, and it never happens, because God is waiting for them. They think we are like two-year-olds in need of God to tie our shoes. Those who would believe this have not matured, no matter how long they have been Christians. Our works are as filthy rags prior to salvation, but after we're saved, God calls us with a holy calling, and all the works we are called to do are holy to the Lord, seasoned with grace, so that our works are not filthy rags but are the fruit of our lives. This process of producing good works through our calling we do as we work with the grace of God. Note that these good works are not just any works we might determine for ourselves, but works that God has prepared for him to do that intrinsically has His blessing, for these works are based on the hearing ear and obeying the Holy Spirit, like Abraham did, who is the father of our faith.

Rev 19-9

(33j) Gift of God >> God is our Father >> God serves His people who serve Him >> He treats His people with special care

(34h) Gift of God >> God is willing to Give >> The blessed First Resurrection

(107l) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> hearing from God >> The Bible will lead you to truth >> Thy word is truth

Rev 19-10

(12k) Servant >> Bond servants the prophets – There is a one-to-one correlation between the testimony of Jesus and the Spirit of prophecy. We can testify that Jesus dwells in our heart, but not every Christian has a spirit of prophecy. We can read the Bible to understand His will, but it is the spirit of prophecy that testifies about His specific plan and purpose for the Church. There are those who don’t believe there are prophets in our day, but we read about the presence of prophets in the book of Revelation, many of whom are prophesied to be martyred for their faith, in many cases because people who don't believe in new covenant prophets betrayed them to the so-called authorities. We can learn a lot from Scripture if we study it, but if we reject the word of the prophets, it is proof we don't believe the Scriptures either, for it was by prophets that the Bible was written, and it is through the spirit of prophecy that we understand what it says. If we receive the word of prophets from ages past but reject the prophets of our own time, how are we any better than the Pharisees who praised the prophets of old but crucified our Lord?

(15c) Servant >> Ministering spirits >> Angels give help in time of need – The fact that the angel said, “Do not [worship me]; I am a fellow servant of yours and of your brethren,” is to declare that angels are not that different from mankind. The thing we have in common with angels is that we are both servants, but there are differences too. For one thing, angels take orders; they don't do anything other than what they were instructed, whereas God has given man a destiny, and man plots his course to fulfill it and solves problems along the way. Also, angels were never promised the throne of God, but God has given man a place on his throne to work with Him to rule and reign over His creation, but angels do none of these things. 

(131a) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Unity >> Interdependent on each other to do the will of God

(144i) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Witnesses of Jesus >> Trinity bears witness of Jesus >> Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus

(147i) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Evangelism >> Solemnly testify about Jesus

(152f) Witness >> Validity of the Father >> Witnesses of the father >> Prophets >> Jesus is a prophet >> Jesus prophesies to the Church

(196c) Denying Christ >> Man exercises his will against God >> Idolatry >> Worshipping angels

(252a) Trinity >> You shall put no other gods before Me >> Worship Jesus (Because He is equal with God) >> Jesus is worthy of our worship >> Worship Jesus for His inherent worthiness – An angel commanded John not to worship him. In the Bible is says that people worshipped Jesus and He did not stop them. Contrast that with worshipping angels (196c).

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Rev 19,11-21

(39ja) Judgment >> Jesus defeated death >> Jesus defeated this world system >> Jesus defeated people who serve Satan -- These verses go with verses 1-3. This refers to the war of Armageddon, the war against God, which is pure insanity, showing how low man has sunk. This so-called war marks the end of man’s reign upon earth. Their intension was to encircle Jerusalem and completely destroy it in effort to kill the antichrist who is stationed there, but Jesus stopped them at the last moment and destroyed her enemies for the purpose of establishing his thousand-year reign in Jerusalem. Zechariah 12-10 " And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn." The Lord comes to make war against His enemies and to protect Jerusalem from annihilation. He comes to save His remnant who believed in Him, who act as seeds of His millennial kingdom. Jesus will call them like He called Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth during His thousand-year reign. See also: War of Armageddon; 50l

(40d) Judgment >> Jesus judges the world through His own death – In these verses we are seeing the age of grace coming to a close and ushering in the glorious age of Millennium. God always starts a new age when man grows depraved. Jesus came and shed his blood during a time of Israel's depravity, and now Jesus is about to return under the same circumstances, when man has completely turned from God to serve Satan. There will be more people added to His kingdom than all those who were saved throughout man's reign of earth.

(50l) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> God puts away sin and glorifies the Church  >> Armageddon – The Apostle John is describing the war of Armageddon. He saw heaven open and one proceeded from it sitting on a white horse, trailed by a heavenly host. This passage precisely describes what the Jews were expecting to see in the days when Jesus walked in the flesh, traveling the countryside preaching the gospel and performing miracles (Lk 19-11). It is fair to say that John wrote the book of Revelation based on what he saw, and what he saw is how it will appear on that day. The inhabitants of the earth will take part in this war, save a remnant. There has been a migration to Israel of those who believed in Jesus after the Rapture, but their numbers will be few, and all that is left of the populations of the earth will be camped outside Jerusalem, preparing to invade it. Civilization by then will have collapsed to such an extent that their weapons will have regressed to swords and clubs. This indicates just how few people are left on the earth at the time, just a drop in a bucket compared to eight billion people today. See also: War of Armageddon; 245i

(245i) Kingdom of God >> Spirit realm imposed on the natural realm >> Literal manifestations >> Manifestation of God’s righteous judgment >> Manifestation of Jesus’ victory over sin – This is what Albert Einstein said about the War of Armageddon: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but world War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” The war of Armageddon will be a one-sided bloodbath. Note that horses will be the mode of transportation, since our current industrialization and technology will have stopped turning through the course of the Seals, Trumpets and the Bowls of God's judgment, having cracked over bone-shattering earthquakes, volcanoes and asteroids. There will be no semblance of our technological age except roads being reclaimed by fields and forests, and the remnants of mostly vacant buildings that occasionally fall in a strong wind. After Christ has proved Himself an undefeatable foe, man will assemble against Him through the leadership of Satan. The nations will gather together just outside Jerusalem, where the people who represent what’s left of the world will attack the holy city, except that Jesus will ambush them along the way, and the armies of the nations will turn their swords and clubs against Him, who comes to them from the sky. These are the ones who have taken the Mark of the Beast and have damned their souls to hell, who have nothing to lose, whose sanity has left them. An angel seized the false prophet and the beast (the antichrist) and threw them alive into the lake of fire, which suddenly appeared in a portal leading to the abyss, and then closed over them. It says that the sword of Jesus’ mouth destroyed His enemies. Jesus probably said, "I Am He" (Jn 18,4-6) and they all fell to the ground dead. See also: War of Armageddon; Rev 19,13-15; 38b

Rev 19,11-16

(82k) Thy kingdom come >> Power of prayer >> Prayer prepares you to meet Jesus

(111j) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Spirit and the word >> Word and the judgment of God -- These verses go with verse 21

Rev 19,11-14

(60f) Paradox >> Two implied meanings >> Second coming of Jesus Christ / How God answers prayer – People have been praying for the Second coming of Jesus Christ, and finally here He comes. A passage similar to this is spoken in Mat 24-30,31, “And they will see the son of man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory. And He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.” There is a major difference between this rendition of Christ's coming and the one in Matthew chapter 24: those following behind Him. In Matthew they are angels, but in this passage they are people, clothed with fine linen white and clean (v8). The robes are significant in that they represent good works of the saints washed in the blood of Christ. This indicates that the second coming of Christ is a two-fold event, once before the Bowls to gather His people in the First Resurrection/Rapture, and once after the Bowls to destroy His enemies and set up His thousand-year reign on earth.

Rev 19,11-13

(40a) Jesus Is The Judge (Key verse)

(107e) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Hearing from God >> Truth of the trinity >> Jesus is truth – This passage is where we get the idea that Jesus is the word of God, as He also said in Jn 14-6, “I am the way, and the Truth, and the life.” When we add the fact that He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, we see that the cross epitomized God’s Truth. It is how God revealed Himself most succinctly to mankind. The cross gives Jesus the right to judge the world in righteousness. Trying to expound on all the ramifications of Jesus being God’s Truth would be impossible, since it is interpolated throughout the Scriptures. For example, we know that God created the heavens and the earth. He creates things through His word, and by that we know that He created all things through His Son. The Father gave the words to His Son to speak, and when He spoke them, God created the universe through Him, and there is no greater truth than that. See also: Jesus Christ became like us that we might become like Him; Lk 2-16; 253cc

Rev 19-11

(102m) Thy kingdom come >> Faithfulness (Loyalty) >> Loyalty is unswerving

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Rev 19,12-16

(40b) Judgment >> Jesus is the judge >> Jesus judges the world’s disobedience – Most people consider their lives more important than anyone else’s, and when everyone has this opinion, it makes for a very selfish and evil world. They gave it a name: Capitalism, which they say is the best economic theory man has ever devised. Jesus did just the opposite; He sacrificed His life in place of others. The most profitable economic ideology though least likely to work in a world full of selfish people is the system that God intends to use in heaven, starting in the Millennium, and that economic ideology will revolve around people putting the interests of others in front of their own. Phi 2-3 says, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.” This will bring about more prosperity than this world has ever known. Jesus would not consider any other system, but because of man’s evil nature, this concept is kicked to the curb. See also: Greatest is least, least is greatest Mat 20,24-28; 164d

Rev 19-12

(66j) Authority >> Jesus’ authority >> His words are the authority of God

(104c) Thy kingdom come >> Purifying process >> Purified by fire >> Purified through fiery judgment – There will always be mysteries about Christ. Had it been an incomprehensible statement written on Him, we could say there was something about Him that we don't understand, but the fact that it is a name means we will never fully understand His identity. Who is Jesus? He is God. We will never fully know!

(231e) Kingdom of God >> God’s kingdom is a living organism >> Mystery of godliness >> Revelation of Jesus is the mystery of the kingdom >> Jesus is the mystery of the kingdom There is a point at which our understanding of Christ will fail us for reasons that should be obvious; He is God and we are not. The name written on Him may allude to the name He gave to Moses in the burning bush, “I Am”. Jesus never had a beginning, and we will never be able to relate to that since we did have a beginning. We do know Him in the present, which is the most important moment in eternity, thus we know Christ who lives in the present and taught us likewise, and He has given us a future. This name written on Him will remain an eternal mystery that will keep us amazed and worshipping Him forever. There will be things in heaven that point to His distant past, but going back further there was a point when only God existed (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and that time span was an eternity. See also: Eternity; Rev 19,13-15; 255c

(253ec) Trinity >> Relationship between Father and Son >> Jesus is equal with the Father >> Jesus has all the internal qualities of the Father >> Jesus is God in heaven – What makes God such an amazing person is that Jesus went to the cross and took upon Himself every evil thing man has ever done, showing the mental stability of Christ, and when God raised Him from the dead, He showed no sign of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is unimaginable that He could have gone through that and come back unscathed, but this is what the Bible says. This is how He was able to hush the sea in a raging storm; He is just that calm and at peace in His heart. Some people are committed to mental institutions because they can't handle their own sin, much less the sins of the whole world. This is how big God is as a person. Anyone else would have been torn to pieces and scattered to the four winds, but Jesus came back in perfect physical, mental and emotional health. Jesus dumped all man’s sin into hell, and when He judges them at the White Throne Judgment He will charge them with sinning directly against Himself and then send them to hell where their sins are waiting for them. God is by no means a prude. See also: Jesus Christ (His humility); Jn 1,26-30; 71d

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Rev 19,13-15

(38b) Judgment >> Blood of Jesus >> God judged man through the blood of His Son – Christ rules the nations with a rod of iron, refers to the Tribulation, “He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty,” but the Millennium will be a time of peace, when Christ will use diplomacy instead of force to allay the nations. During the Tribulation He steps on the red grapes and out comes the juice to make wine for His cup. There was wine in the harlot’s cup consisting of the blood of the saints, and now He is making His own wine from the blood of those who martyred them. It is fair and just. See also: War of Armageddon; Rev 19-15; 150e

(113f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> The anointing >> Heaven’s clothes >> Garments of warfare – No one is righteous enough to hold the scepter, except Jesus who has earned the right to judge when he gave his life to save the world from God's wrath. He used the rod of iron to subdue His enemies during the Great Tribulation prior to establishing His kingdom, setting precedence for His thousand-year reign of peace.

(255c) Trinity >> Holy Spirit’s relationship between Father and Son >> God’s word is Spirit >> Jesus is the word of the Spirit >> Jesus is the manifested word of God The Father has sent His Son to judge the world based on man's rejection of His blood sacrifice, and there is a name written on Him that no one knows, though we know Him as the word of God (John 1-1,2). Before the creation, before anything, He existed. God Himself never had a beginning and neither did His Son. It is impossible to know the full experience of Christ on the cross, having been alienated from His Father after sharing an eternity with Him. See also: Eternity; Rev 19,1-7; 252h

Rev 19-13,14

(116d) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Working the grace of God >> Through worship >> Through His authority

Rev 19-14

(92d) Thy kingdom come >> The narrow way >> Trail of good works >> Putting on His good works -- This verse goes with verse 8

(93g) Thy kingdom come >> Following Jesus >> Disciples follow Him

(113c) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> The anointing >> Heaven’s clothes >> Clothe yourself with good works -- This verse goes with verse 8

(224f) Kingdom of God >> Illustrating the kingdom >> Description of heaven >> The joyful kingdom >> We shall always be with the Lord

Rev 19-15

(61k) Paradox >> Two implied meanings >> Out of his mouth comes a sharp two-edged sword: That cut them to the quick / That cut them to the grave -- This verse goes with verse 21

(150e) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness of Jesus >> Confessing Jesus >> Making the good confession (Son of God) -- This verse goes with verse 21. The great and the small will finally face-off with God in the fields of Armageddon, the Mount of Megiddo located in the plain of Esdraelon in the valley of Jezreel, where God will mow down His enemies, and they will all perish together, defeated by the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the one man defied since Adam ate the forbidden fruit. Man has continued thinking in his heart over the millennia that he was equal with his Creator, so He came and visited them, and He made Himself smaller than any man. He didn’t try to be more humble but revealed His true character, and it turned out that God is more humble than any man, though He is infinitely greater than all men put together. He died for man’s sin, so now He wears a robe dipped in blood, and those who believe in Him will be given fine linen white and clean and a white horse to ride behind their Lord and Master to see what He does to the wicked. They defied His person, defied His humility, defied His love, denied His inner qualities, denied His miracles and challenged His power to destroy them by His mere presence in glory. Who could win a war against God? It will be decided in the fields of Armageddon at the second coming of Jesus Christ by a sharp two-edge sword that proceeded from His mouth. "I Am He" (Jn 18,4-8)  literally cut them to the quick. See also: War of Armageddon; Rev 19,17-21; 163k

Rev 19-16

(66a) Authority >> Lordship of Christ >> He is Lord over all creation >> over life and death

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Rev 19,17-21

(163k) Works of the devil >> Being a slave to the devil (Addictions) >> Entertaining demons >> Disciplined by the devil as a son – When Jesus returns, He will find the reprobate mindset well entrenched within human consciousness so that people will not repent even if they could. There are lots of people who think God is hard on mankind, but if they saw the kind of people man has become, reprobates without the slightest hint of repentance or remorse for their sins, perhaps they would better understand God’s perspective. A total lack of conscience will follow a total collapse of the global economy. Even now civilization is teetering on the brink of destruction, and nobody seems at all concerned. When it does collapse, it will cause a domino effect that will ripple though world events, until guns are traded for spears and cannons for catapults. A faltered economy will turn everyone into reprobates by a ripple effect that will incite most people to misbehave in a state of chaos, provoking riots and killing people for food and shelter, being the first step in hardening man’s heart to stone, turning descent people into sociopaths and no one will attempt to break the downward spiral of human depravity, until it finally ends at the war of Armageddon. People will blame God for every bad thing that happens, instead of blaming themselves, where the blame belongs, and instead of repenting and turning to God for mercy they will turn away from Him. See also: War of Armageddon; Rev 19,7-10; 224e / Sequence of endtime events; Rev 19,19-21; 164d / In reverse order; Act 1,9-11; 136l

(170l) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Outward appearance >> Vanity >> Vain effort >> Effort lacking direction

Rev 19,17-19

(56j) Paradox >> Opposites >> He who exalts himself shall be humbled

Rev 19-17,18

(51k) Judgment >> Judging the Church with the world >> No partiality with God’s justice

Rev 19-17

(15h) Servant >> Angels have authority >> They have the power to decree an order

(112h) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Light >> Light exposes sin >> Light reveals hidden deeds

Rev 19,19-21

(19c) Sin >> Mocking God Without a cause >> Motivated by demons

(160g) Works of the devil >> Led by the devil to fight against God

(164d) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> The world system >> Satan rules the world >> Satan is a tyrant over the world – The book of Revelation uses the word “beast” interchangeably in this case to mean antichrist. The "Beast" is generally defined as the New World Order composed of a global religion, economy, government and military in that order, but John referred to the Beast in this case as the spokesman for the New World Order, who is not always the same person. For example, in the beginning the spokesman for the New World Order was the false prophet (the leader of the global economy), but later the spokesman became the antichrist, defined as a religious leader of the gentiles (the Pope), and still later he became the religious leader of the Jews (false messiah). “Antichrist” is a fabricated title, found nowhere in the book of Revelation, yet it is the best description for the man of lawlessness as Paul called him in 2The 2-3. The title “beast” comes from the book of Daniel, from the fourth king that arises to take control of the world during the period of anarchy when the global economy collapses. There will be four attempted coups named after predatory animals: a lion, a bear and a leopard. These animals exist and thrive in various places on the earth, but the last animal is a new species, one that has never been seen; it doesn't have a name, so Daniel simply called it a Beast. It is an unnatural Beast, one that does not live in the wild but is confined to human civilization. His success will be attributed to deception and intrigue, that is, to his big mouth. Meanwhile, a Great Endtime Revival will race around the globe, leading many millions of people to salvation, and it will wreak havoc on Satan’s efforts to take over the world, and so the false prophet will hire the Vatican to become a competing religion in effort to counteract this Christian revival that is quickly gaining momentum. See also: Sequence of endtime events; Rev 19,7-10; 224e

Rev 19-19

(65h) Paradox >> Anomalies >> Satan unites the world for the cause of deception

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Rev 19-20

(47a) Judgment >> God Judges the world >> Hell is a place of sorrow >> It is a great fire prepared for the devil and his angels >> The lake of fire -- This verse goes with verse 3. God will command His angels to lay hold of the beast and the false prophet and throw them alive into the lake of fire. Where is the lake of fire? It's whereabouts in this present creation is a mystery. God will destroy this present creation and build a new one in its place, and then the lake of fire will be at the center of the new earth (Lk 20-43). This suggests that the lake of fire is currently a spiritual place, and these men were thrown alive into it.

(50m) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> God puts away sin and glorifies the Church >> White-throne judgment - Lake of fire ( the second death)

(179g) Works of the devil >> Practicing witchcraft >> Wolves >> False prophets >> False prophets confess to be the Christ

(183d) Works of the devil >> The origin of lawlessness >> Spirit of Error (Anti-Christ / Anti-Semitism) >> Witchcraft >> Anointing of error

(195i) Denying Christ >> Man exercises his will against God >> Idolatry >> Worshipping other gods >> Worshipping other gods as a god yourself

Rev 19-21

(49f) Judgment >> God's enemies are destroyed >> Enemies of the prophets are destroyed -- This verse goes with verses 1-6. What did Jesus say to the army of His enemies to make them all suddenly keel over dead? “I Am He” (Jn 18,4-8)! Jesus is the life of God, but He can also destroy, though “destroyer” is not His title as it is with Satan and all the entities that represent him. Ironically, Jesus is a better destroyer than Satan; God is better than Satan even at what he does best. Jesus destroyed every soldier in that army with a single breath; it wasn’t even a battle; He didn't have to lift a finger. Jesus merely spoke to them as the word of God, and they all laid down and died in obedience to His voice. Later after the Millennium, fire will come down from heaven and consume His enemies. Then Christ will destroy the entire universe with fire (possibly the same fire) and create a new heavens and a new earth. “Destroyer” is in Satan's title because it is all he knows, not that he is good at it by comparison. Actually, when we think about it, Satan never really destroyed anything. Think of all the wars and destruction he caused throughout the millennia; the fact is, he didn’t do any of it; he only deceived the nations into destroying themselves.

(61k) Paradox >> Two implied meanings >> Out of his mouth comes a sharp two-edged sword: That cut them to the quick / That cut them to the grave -- This verse goes with verse 15

(111j) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Spirit and the word >> Word and the judgment of God -- This verse goes with verses 11-16. 2000 years earlier when Jesus visited mankind in the weakness of human flesh, before they took him into custody Judas kissed Him as an identifying sign, and when they asked if He was Jesus, He said “I Am He,” and the force of his words, caused them all to fall to the ground (Jn 18,5-8). He was shooting blanks that night. On the night of His arrest, instead of repenting, they picked themselves off the ground and continued to arrest Him, but at the end of the age when He speaks to His enemies, they will all fall to the ground as before, only this time they will not get up.

(150e) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness of Jesus >> Confessing Jesus >> Making the good confession (Son of God) -- This verse goes with verse 15

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