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Scripture quotations taken from the New American Standard Bible ® (NASB), Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation Used by permission.




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1&2 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; 2 and she was with child ; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.


Rev 12,1-17

(39j) Judgment >> Jesus defeated death >> Jesus defeated this world system >> Jesus defeated Satan in the world – John the revelator is relating the original story of Satan falling from heaven, but the analogy of these stars has a duel purpose, also representing Christians falling from grace. John is comparing these two events: Satan’s original fall and his fall that is to come in the last days, to show that they are not so different from each other. The fate he will suffer has already been inflicted upon him at the cross as God tricked him to incite the nation Israel to crucify Jesus Christ, their own messiah, at which point the devil unwittingly handed over the keys of death and hell to our Lord, having been defeated through the weakness of human flesh. Now, at the consummation of the ages God has predestined that Satan will lose again to the weakness of human flesh, only this time through the flesh of God’s people. 

(50db) Judgment >> Last Days >> Great Endtime Revival >> Jews lead the world into revival >> Prophesied to unite the body of Christ at the end of the age – It is no wonder people find the book of Revelation difficult, because in many respects it is a summation of the entire word of God. It tries to say everything in only a few short sentences, and to do that it must have multiple layers of significance and symbolism, which happens to be the case especially in chapter twelve. On a sequential basis, this chapter and the chapter before should have been located after chapter seven, which initially speaks of the 144,000 (chapter eleven speaks of the two witnesses, who are part of the 144,000). Verse one says, “A great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun.” This woman is the 144,000; she is Israel the repentant, having realized the error of her ways, having received Jesus Christ as her messiah and holding Him in a state of revival, clothed with the glory of God. 

(98m) Thy kingdom come >> Endurance (Thorn in the flesh) >> Endurance invites the Holy Spirit into your life >> Endurance invites the judgment of God

(111j) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Spirit and the word >> Word and the judgment of God—Word

(252f) Trinity >> You shall put no other gods before Me >> Worship God >> Worship God who is Spirit >> Worship God in the Spirit – The dragon was unable to destroy the woman (the Churchprimarily Jewish believers but also gentile believers), because God was protecting her by leading her into the wilderness where she was nourished for 3½ years. It says that the woman took the two wings of the great eagle and used them to fly to her place of safety; these were wings of the great seraphim, a heavenly creature that worships God continually. She flew to a lofty place prepared by God where she worshipped God continually, where the serpent could not reach her, where she could not have gone without her wings. She flew to the place that was once Satan’s domain; that is, she became the Princess of the Power of the Air. This is a place in the spirit where she could broadcast her ideas for the whole world to hear, a place where her faith in God rang in the human consciousness. It was a place of paradise to her innermost being, but a wilderness to her flesh, and the contrast was extremely severe. So long as she focused on the spiritual aspect of her life, she could maintain a semblance of paradise in the anointing; meanwhile her flesh suffered a wilderness. This caused the serpent to stop looking for her, because he knew she was beyond his reach. She went to the place where Satan exercised his spiritual authority throughout the millennia, analogously speaking about the atmosphere surrounding the earth, and there she awaited the First Resurrection, when God would Rapture His people, where she would meet Him in the clouds (1The 4-17). In the meantime she was able to broadcast the truth of God to the world in the same way that Satan once broadcasted his messages, so that everyone in the body of Christ established unity on a global scale that was never seen before this. Not even the early Church enjoyed unity this strong.

Rev 12,1-14

(131g) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Unity >> Interdependence >> Serving one another

Rev 12,1-13

(45k) Judgment >> Spiritual warfare >> Subjecting your flesh >> Satan VS the saints >> Defeating Satan in weakness of sinful flesh -- These verses go with verse 17. We know that the beast is part of Satan’s kingdom and so is the harlot, yet who are these entities? The harlot is a religious institution, the counterfeit church, the opposite woman of Revelation chapter 12. When we go back to the Old Testament and look at the way God viewed Israel when it was walking in sin, He called Israel a harlot (see Ezekiel chapter 16). Revelation chapter 12 speaks about the true woman, who will become the bride of Christ; compare that with the harlot, whose leader is the antichrist. The name of this false church is Catholicism, and so the antichrist is the pope. It says that the beast composed of the ten horns will hate the harlot (the Catholic Church), because it receives all the glory (money) of mankind to himself without sharing it with the beast. When we look carefully at these two entities, we see that the false prophet is actually the world economic system and the beast is the religious system. This suggests that the Scriptures use the word beast not as a term to define a specific entity, but as a concept that describes various aspects of the antichrist’s kingdom. This is in part what makes the Book of Revelation difficult to understand. "The moon [is] under her feet.” The moon represents Satan, who was once Lucifer the light bearer (Isaiah 14,12-15). Now a fallen angel, he can only reflect light. He must stand close enough to a light source to counterfeit its radiance for the purpose of fooling the human spirit into believing he is a source of something other than darkness and decay. The moon is under the woman’s feet, meaning that at the end of the age 144,000 Jews will grow wise to the devil’s deceptions and finally believe that Jesus is their Christ; however a materialized form of Satan is coming as the great red dragon that will continue being a formidable threat to her existence. 

(225j) Kingdom of God >> Illustrating the kingdom >> Parables >> Parables about nurturing the people of God >> Parables about a woman in labor giving birth to a child – The Bible has used this analogy of a woman in labor many times to represent giving birth to the Kingdom of God. Jesus used it in Mat 24-7,8 to describe the pre-conditions of the seals as the beginning of birth pangs, referring to war, famine and earthquakes leading to the great tribulation of martyrdom against the saints, the earth quaking with increasing intensity until at last it gives birth to Christ’s thousand year reign. So, it seems that the earth itself is aware of a coming new age when Jesus rules the nations with a rod of iron. Not only is the earth in travail, but it says that the woman also is in travail, the Jewish church, the 144,000. She is in labor to give birth to a Great Endtime Revival of the gentiles and to Christ's millennium. The Bible often uses the analogy of childbirth. Rev 12-4,5 says, “And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.” This birth is in reference to the first resurrection, “She gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.” This is in reference to the Rapture, which is implied in Rev 11,15-19, speaking of the seventh angel, who is the last trumpet, as Paul wrote in 1Cor 15-52 that Rapture wouldn’t occur until the last trumpet. However, before the Rapture there must first be a spiritual ascension of God's people, and this spiritual ascension is what John is suggesting in these verses. Satan was after the saints to martyr them, and the woman fled into the wilderness to hide from the devil, where this spiritual ascension will take place.

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Rev 12,1-10

(61f) Paradox >> Two implied meanings >> God’s people give birth to Christ—Israel (to Bethlehem’s baby) / the Church (to His second coming) – The meaning of the woman giving birth to the male child is another dual analogy. It refers to Israel giving birth to Christ Through the mother Mary, and it also implicates the 144,000 giving birth to a Great Endtime Revival of the gentiles. The "child" is the Gentile Church and "children" are gentile Christians. Just as Jesus grew in strength and stature, so this revival will grow in numbers ranging into the millions. The dragon is enraged because the woman (the Jewish Church) has finally recognized Jesus Christ as her Messiah and is very prolific. This has been God’s purpose from the very beginning that Israel should lead the world in spiritual matters. After Jesus shed his blood, God hoped Israel would repent of her unbelief and pick up the gospel and carry the great commission to the world, for Israel was originally called to be in charge of the Church. After they consistently blasphemed and rejected the gospel, making Paul’s administration of the gospel unproductive; all he got for his trouble was whips and beatings, so he turned to the gentiles at the Holy Spirit’s direction, and the gentiles have carried the gospel ever since into all the world in Israel's stead. However, God will get His way in the last days.

(61f) Paradox >> Two implied meanings >> The dragon—King Herod / Satan – It said earlier that the moon was under the woman’s feet, referring to satanic deception. In contrast, a great red dragon appears, which no longer represents satanic deception but the materialization of this deception in the form of absolute wickedness. Satan is raising up a kingdom, consisting of many nations, to be his strong arm that will murder many people, including and especially Christians. This dragon had seven heads and ten horns; it has more horns than heads. Heads represent kings and kingdoms, while the horns represent power, suggesting that the kings do not have power but are Satan’s puppet rulers. These horns are tied with money; they are economic powers. In most nations, presidents wield the power, or prime ministers or whatever title given to the head of authority; however, in Satan’s last world empire governmental rulers do not delegate authority, but world banks and conglomerate financial institutions, in essence trillionaires will govern humanity for the sole purpose of making more money. This kind of government is called a plutonomy, the ultra-rich turning government officials into puppet rulers.

Rev 12,1-6

(50h) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> Second half of the tribulation >> The saints flee into the wilderness - spiritual warfare  (Pre-rapture ascension) -- These verses go with verse 14. Jesus survived Herod’s attempt on His life as an infant, who grows up into manhood to receive His 3 ½ year ministry, and at the end of that ministry gave His life for the sins of the world. Afterward He ascended back to the Father. This recap of Jesus’ ascension to heaven outlined in this chapter must have an application for the endtimes. It is crucial to understand that this child caught up to heaven represents a spiritual ascension of the Gentile Church in a Great Endtime Revival led by the Jews. You might say that is the Rapture and you may be right, but before the Rapture occurs there will be a spiritual ascension event. Before God Raptures the Church He will catch up His people in a spiritual ascension/revival that will enable them to walk in such a powerful anointing that it won’t matter whether they are in heaven or on earth. We, the children of God, will be wisped to heaven in the spirit, while we continue to live on the earth as a spiritual semblance of the Rapture. God will lower his heavenly kingdom to the earth before Christ Himself makes His debut at His second coming to set up His thousand year reign on earth. God will use the Church in this way to defeat Satan in the flesh a second time. The first time was through the flesh of Christ on the cross.

(136hb) Temple >> Your spirit is the temple of God >> The body of Christ >> Body of Christ consists of individual members >> We are being fitted together

(210h) Salvation >> Jews and gentiles are being saved >> Salvation is from the Jews >> The Jew first >> Jews lead the world to faith in Jesus – “On her head [was] a crown of twelve stars.” This crown setting upon her head represents a number of things. First and foremost, it represents her anointing from God. These twelve stars represent the twelve tribes of Israel. It also represents the twelve apostles as well as the twelve gates to the heavenly city, no doubt an angel posted at each gate. Keep in mind that in the early chapters of the book Revelation it spoke of stars representing angels and those angels representing churches. By definition of her ministry to the gentiles, these twelve stars most probably represent twelve churches strategically located around the globe. During the trumpets, God will call the woman to lead the gentile believers into the wilderness, where they will set up camps similar to Moses and the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt, only there will be twelve camps instead of one with twelve thousand Jewish leaders per camp acting as judges, and each camp will have the capacity for millions of gentile believers. Manna will fall from heaven to feed so many people, just as in the days of Moses. It will be the most glorious spiritual time in the Churches history.

Rev 12-1,2

(95b) Thy kingdom come >> Positive attitude >> Speaking in tongues >> Groaning too deep for words

(104k) Thy kingdom come >> Pure in heart shall see God >> Shall see Jesus >> Shall see His appearing

(132b) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Holy Spirit is in God’s people >> Spirit of God in the spirit of man >> Spirit of Jesus

(135e) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Sins of the body >> Abortion >> Consequences of abortion >> The woman has no authority over the fetus because she cannot control what she conceives -- These verses go with verses 5&6

(140a) Temple >> Temple made without hands >> Hiding place >> The doorway -- These verses go with verses 5&6

(213g) Sovereignty >> God is infinite >> Jesus owns you >> We are his instruments >> We are reflectors of His glory -- These verses go with verse 5

Rev 12-1

(92d) Thy kingdom come >> The narrow way >> Trail of good works >> Putting on His good works

(112f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Light >> Obeying the truth in broad daylight >> Church’s deeds in the light

(113f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> The anointing >> Heaven’s clothes >> Garments of warfare

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3&4 Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. 4 And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child. 


Rev 12-3,4

(243a) Kingdom of God >> Opposition toward the Kingdom of God >> Persecuting the kingdom >> Reacting to persecution >> Falling away through persecution – This great red dragon will defeat one third of Christendom. They will become his property, and they will fall to the threats and fears that this great red dragon will invoke. This is in reference to the parable of the ten virgins, five were wise and five were foolish, depicting one half of the Church falling away from God. This is only one third, so we can assume there are others, another sixth will fall away from their faith prior to the first trumpet, taking the mark of the beast, effectively joining God’s enemies as they see the dragon coming to power, being part of the foolish virgins.

Rev 12-4

(26g) Sin >> Consequences of sin >> Death is Satan’s nature Lucifer transgressed God’s throne and sought to rise above the heavens to somehow defeat the most high. He literally went insane believing he could do this, for not a single aspect of his plan was remotely possible. Even if he were to succeed, he didn’t create the universe, so how could he sustain it? Once Lucifer put his plan into action, God divested Himself from Lucifer’s inheritance, which was the entire creation, and the result was poverty descending all the way down to the atomic level and radiated outward to everything that exists, so now everything is hungry and impoverished. God never offered the universe to Adam and Eve; He only offered the earth to us, but we will inherit the new creation, and God will invest Himself into it, into the very elements themselves, so that the properties of the atoms and molecules will be of a giving nature instead of a taking one.

(189h) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Martyr >> Dying to self through persecution – This is going back to Herod who attempted to kill Jesus as a baby by ordering the death of all children under the age of two in Bethlehem. He murdered thousands of children just because he heard through the Scriptures that Jesus would grow up to become a great king, who would rule the nations. So, John is referring to Jesus’ first coming, but he is also speaking in reference to His second coming, since the book of Revelation is a book of endtime prophecy; John is relating this story to the events predicted to occur in the last days. Therefore, in a similar way the antichrist will martyr Christians, using the mark of the beast, an economic system specifically designed to isolate and identify Christians for the purpose of exterminating them.

(204d) Denying Christ >> Man chooses his own destiny apart from God >> Back-slider >> Practicing sin >> The apostasy – Christians in the first century were completely committed to the grace of God and to the administration of the gospel without concern about a works-driven salvation, but nowadays if we try to do something for the Lord, we are accused by onlookers to be a cult or that we are trying to work for our salvation. To sit and blend with the complacency of the Church is the general expectation of many who call themselves Christians today. The clergy wants people to get involved tithing, folding chairs, setting up tables, vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms and the drudgery work that the pastor doesn’t want to do, but when it comes to preaching and teaching the word of God, they don’t want any help with that. They jealously covet their ministry and are unwilling to share it with anybody. They say there are no needs in this area, but these are some of the symptoms of apostasy that has captured the Church and made it impotent. The reason there is no need for anyone to preach and teach they say is that maybe no one would come to the classes if they were offered, again from apostasy and complacency that has gripped the Church. When revival comes, and it will come, there will be a need for preachers and teachers. Those pastors who try to squelch this movement in their churches will be the death knell to their ministries. In fact, many churches are dying even now.

(242g) Kingdom of God >> Opposition toward the Kingdom of God >> Persecuting the kingdom >> Worldly pressure >> World pressures you to forsake God -- This verse goes with verse 13

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5&6 And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne. 6 Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God, so that there she would be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. 


Rev 12-5,6

(105l) Thy kingdom come >> Led by the Spirit >> Led by the Spirit into the fire >> Into the wilderness >> Wilderness of safety – Instead of facing the dragon the woman will run into the wilderness, and in so doing she will find her place prepared by God, a place of safety, protection and nourishment. God will feed His people as He did Israel during the time of Moses when they ran from the pharaoh of Egypt, only instead of the Church causing trouble for God through disobedience, the Church will be reverent and compliant. It will be a time of great victory and glory and power. When we say the woman, we are talking about the 144,000 Jews, but there is also the gentile church here on earth who will mirror their Jewish brethren. That is, as the 144,000 flee into the wilderness, the gentile church will do likewise. The fact that the Church is on the earth in the flesh while Satan is manifesting himself, taking control of the world, deciding who lives and who dies, the Church will destroy Him by the very fact that he is powerless to destroy the Church. God will prove to the devil that he is even weaker than human flesh by protecting the Church from him. The Church’s wilderness experience will last 3-½ years, not only the same length of time as the ministry of the two witnesses, but the same period of the trumpets.

(135e) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Sins of the body >> Abortion >> Consequences of abortion >> The woman has no authority over the fetus because she cannot control what she conceives -- These verses go with verses 1&2

(140a) Temple >> Temple made without hands >> Hiding place >> The doorway -- These verses go with verses 1&2

(237i) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Transferring the kingdom >> The Church is transferred to the kingdom >> The ascension >> Believers’ spiritual ascension

Rev 12-5

(153a) Witness >> Validity of the Father >> Witnesses of the father >> Church bears witness of the Father through Christ

(213g) Sovereignty >> God is infinite >> Jesus owns you >> We are his instruments >> We are reflectors of His glory -- This verse goes with verses 1&2

Rev 12,6-17

(82k) Thy kingdom come >> Power of prayer >> Prayer prepares you to meet Jesus

Rev 12-6

(28k) Gift of God >> God is our advocate >> God protects us through prayer -- This verse goes with verses 13-16. To be nourished in the wilderness (dessert) is quite a challenge, since there is nothing to eat; consequently, God Himself will nourish the woman for 1260 days. This woman refers to the Jewish church consisting of the 144,000, and it also says that the woman has children, who consist of the gentile nations and will encompass the Great Endtime Revival numbering into the millions. They will not all be in one place. Wilderness camps will be assigned throughout the world, which will attract hundreds of thousands of believers in Jesus to flee to one of these camps for protection from the antichrist and his emerging empire. These will be stations where God will personally supply their needs and protect them from their enemies. This 3½-year wilderness experience happens during the time the trumpets. Their ministry will be to pray night and day for God’s assistance and protection. Their prayers will give strength to the angelic world to overcome Satan, who is the prince of the power of the air after man fell in the Garden of Eden, until the last days when the Church kicks him out of the atmosphere of the earth and takes his place as the greatest spiritual influence of the world. This will break Satan’s spell over the world, and people will begin to understand that God is true and that the Church is following Him, and people will flood into the Kingdom of Heaven by the millions.

(116e) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Working the grace of God >> Through worship >> Entering His hiding place -- This verse goes with verse 14

(140d) Temple >> Temple made without hands >> Hiding place >> Living in the spiritual revelation of the word -- This verse goes with verse 14. Rev 18-4 says, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues.” This refers to Babylon, which was a city that was built thousands of years ago and was destroyed and has never been rebuilt, and the Bible says it never will be rebuilt. This is a type of Babylon that will spread its influence throughout the world with the goal of crowning the antichrist as god in human flesh, the false Messiah. Where else would he carry such a deception than the holy city, Jerusalem, but before that, Rome. God will direct us to run into the wilderness to escape the influence of this technological system of our modern world that is limited to the parameters of human civilization. God will protect us in the wilderness during the Trumpet Judgments and nourish us for 3½ years, just as He nourished Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness throughout their exile from Egypt. This means we will need to survive the first five seals of Satan’s wrath before we enter God’s protective period of the Trumpets. These first five seals will be extremely severe, the most arduous period of the last days tribulation for Christians. Many millions of people will die during this time. Becoming doomsday preppers will not protect them, because this 3½-year period will be too long for most people to stockpile supplies, so it will be a time of great difficulty, like Jesus said, “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will” (Mat 24-21). It will closely resemble Hitler’s Europe, but will be far worse even than that, for it will involve the entire world.

(187d) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Die to the flesh >> Dying to receive the glory of God >> Die to self through prayer

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7&8 And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels waged war, 8 and they were not strong enough, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven.


Rev 12,7-17

(50g) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> First half of the tribulation >> The seals of Satan's wrath >> Fall of Satan – This depicts the times when the antichrist comes to power and his empire will be based in Rome at first, and then later he will migrate to Jerusalem. The antichrist’s deception will be to hide the fact that his power is failing him as the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ encroaches on his domain. Someone else now controls the “air,” the princes of the power of the air (the woman, the 144,000). Once Satan is thrown from his domain, God will take it over and broadcast his message of grace and truth to the hearts of all people. This air to which we are referring is social consciousness. All the nations will suddenly realize that God loves the world, and a massive revival will take place as a result of people being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to their hearts, because the accuser of the brethren has been thrown down, the one who incites us against God. These events will begin some time during the seals and carry through the trumpets. The seals were a show of human depravity incited by the devil, but when the trumpets began to sound the spirit realm will begin to manifest in both good and evil like no other time in human history, and we will fully realize just how spiritual of a world this earth has always been. Humanists and secularists say the world that humans made is the truth; they will be proven wrong. The spiritual world that exists beyond the unseen spectrum will suddenly become visible to all, and those who love God will be glorified by the Kingdom of God that manifests within them, while those who hate Him will be horrified by the manifestation of Satan’s darkness and evil manifesting all around them. There will be a spiritual standoff eventually where light and darkness will collide and fight for supremacy with the prize of human souls weighing in the balance.

Rev 12,7-14

(164f) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> The world system >> Satan’s system of authority >> He is the prince of the power of the air – The Book of Revelation talks about the result of these prayers as a type of spiritual warfare. The prayers of the saints will cause Satan’s system of spiritual authority to crumble, and God will put His spiritual authority in its place. This concept of the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2-1,2) is in reference to Satan’s ability to control the whole world from a spiritual vantage point. Everyone has their own opinion, but all the world’s beliefs are contained within the parameters of the spirit of this world, and God will replace that spirit with His own, so that everybody in the world will know the truth about God, that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. Therefore anyone who continues to serve Satan and His antichrist in full knowledge of the truth will do so at his own peril.

(245l) Kingdom of God >> Spirit realm imposed on the natural realm >> Literal manifestations >> Manifestation of the prince of the power of the air – This is the account of Lucifer being thrown from heaven after he rebelled against God, but why is John mentioning this now? The spiritual war that will ensue in the last days will be similar to the war that occurred so many eons ago when Lucifer fell into sin and was removed from the presence of God. These two skirmishes are virtually identical, the only difference being the two heavens from which he was exorcised. Before God created man, He bound Satan to the earth, which really shrank his empire in that he once had dominion over God’s entire creation, and so he assumed his authority in the heavens surrounding the earth, analogous to earth’s invisible atmosphere, the very air we breathe. We take the air for granted every time we inhale, so we take for grated the thoughts and ideas that Satan plants in our minds. Just as there is an unseen substance surrounding us consisting mostly of Nitrogen and oxygen, so there is an unseen world surrounding us consisting of demonic entities, and we are unaware of them communicating their philosophies that contradict God, their philosophies that renounce the meaning of life and their philosophies that deny the origin of the universe. In the last days God too will remove him from heaven surrounding the earth, the atmosphere, forcing him to rule the world from the limitations of human flesh. At each censoring of Satan’s dominion his influence shrinks, until eventually he is thrown into the lake of fire.

Rev 12,7-11

(42b) Judgment >> Satan destroyed >> Be like Jesus >> Blameless before men – The saints will aim the spotlight on Satan at a time when he is trying to convince mankind of the Church’s culpability for all the suffering and evil that is in the world, and especially in these last days. The early Church suffered terrible persecution too; for many years they were horribly abused, treated like dogs, pushed off their land, their crops either stolen or burned, their women raped and their children murdered, until they went into hiding or else went on the run for their lives. It wasn’t pervasive, but it was enough that Christians got tired of it, and to curb the persecution the Catholic Church was created, which was an institution of religion ratified by the state, so persecution became illegal, and eventually Christianity became the official religion of Rome. That is how they solved their problem of persecution. In contrast, the saints in the last days did not love their lives even to the point of death, meaning that they will not establish some kind of religion that is acceptable to the world, which would have to be approved by the antichrist who was hunting them, in order to avoid persecution. For this reason endtime prophecy was fulfilled in these last days; the Church gave power to Michael and his angels to overcome Satan, and threw him to the earth, and for this reason he became the antichrist. He could no longer rule the world as a spirit, but was forced to rule from the limitations of human flesh. All the things that were prophesied to occur could have happened in the first or second century, except that the Church caved to persecution, but in the last days the people of God will grow strong and courageous, and they will not be intimidated by the devil, and they will gladly give up their lives for the sake of faith in the truth. This means they will have a profound revelation from God; they will know the truth in a way that the Church never did, and God will pour out an anointing of His Spirit upon all flesh, and many millions of people will get saved.

(46h) Judgment >> Spiritual warfare >> Satan falls from heaven – This is the Bible’s most detailed account of Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven, leading to his curse and subsequent demise. It is another one of John’s duel analogies, this time describing Satan being thrown from heaven to the earth. John the revelator is saying that this was Satan’s fate in heaven, but John is using the story to illustrate Satan’s future, in that what happened to him then will happen again, only this time instead of being thrown from the presence of God, he will be thrown from the heavens surrounding the earth. We are looking at Satan ruling man’s world from a spiritual standpoint like he has from the beginning. The spirit of deception has beguiled the nations and has essentially taught man how to live apart from God. The devil is able to lie to our hearts with spiritual forces of wickedness in high places as Paul put it in Eph 6-12, but now it says that there was war in heaven. This spirit that has deceived the nations will be thrown to the earth, denying him the ability to deceive the nations from a spiritual standpoint but forced to rule the world from the ground as a serpent again (or a dragon). The serpent came to Eve in the Garden of Eden and spoke to her face-to-face; then, once she and the man took the fruit, their disobedience empowered the serpent to rule them from a higher domain, so that his physical presence was no longer necessary. Once they sinned he could rule man’s world on a subconscious level, wherein his presence and influence was covert. In this way he can make man believe all the ideas he puts in their heads were their own; actually, they are if they believe them. After Satan was thrown to the earth he was forced to take on human flesh in the man of lawlessness otherwise known as the antichrist. Therefore, the antichrist is coming, not because he is gaining strength, but just the opposite, because he has lost his position as prince of the power of the air (Eph 2-2). In other words, the antichrist is a sign that Satan is on the run! 

(49e) Judgment >> Enemies of God’s church are destroyed -- These verses go with verse 16,17

(68c) Authority >> Jesus Delegates Authority To Execute Judgment against Satan – This passage speaks about the great dragon who is cast to the earth. This has already happened, but it will happen again, only differently. The first time he was cast to the earth from the pinnacle of heaven; the second time he will be cast to the ground from the heavens surrounding the earth. This is symbolically speaking, as though earth’s atmosphere were the domain of Satan. This works well as an analogy in that it suggests the very air we breathe is immersed in spiritual deception, but the reality is that Satan controls the world from a type of spiritual broadcast system aimed at societies that he uses to communicate, similar the television set, being the reason Satan immediately confiscated the airways the moment TV was invented. This vantage point affords him the ability to control everybody simultaneously instead of individually, but in the last days he will be removed from his place as prince of the power of the air (Eph 2-2), and the Church will replace him and communicate her own message of God’s love that will come to the world by revelation, just as Satan is setting up his one-world government. Those who don’t get saved in the last days will no less understand that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, but they will reject this message in full knowledge, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and they will align with the antichrist. They will take his mark and war against the saints and martyr many thousands of Christians, which will provoke judgment upon themselves through the trumpets and the bowls of God’s fierce wrath.

Rev 12,7-9

(15i) Servant >> Angels execute Judgment >> For the sake of the Church

(112d) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Light >> Jesus light in us overcomes darkness >> The light of His power

(245i) Kingdom of God >> Spirit realm imposed on the natural realm >> Literal manifestations >> Manifestation of God’s righteous judgment >> Manifestation of Jesus’ victory over sin -- These verses go with verse 11

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9&10 And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. 10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, "Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night. 


Rev 12,9-11

(9a) Responsibility >> Prevent being blamed for something you did not do >> Prevent accusations – They say that Christians are the most guilt-ridden, self-conscious people on earth. No wonder; who else has an enemy so cruel as ours, who accuses us day and night and puts thoughts in our heads to accuse us of everything under the sun. It is important to maintain a blameless reputation, so when the lies come, we know they are not true, nor can anyone say anything bad about us. The essence of Satan’s power is in accusation, bringing our sins to our attention and to God’s attention. The fact that He has been thrown-down means his power of accusation has been destroyed in that God is now accusing him. Instead of Satan placing us in the way of God’s judgment, Satan has come in the way of God’s judgment and has been run over as with a Mack Truck. Satan cannot very well accuse us while he is under trial. Satan came to God over Job and said, ‘This man serves you well enough, but touch all that he has and he will curse you to your face,’ and then God allowed Satan to test his theory and Job remained true to the Lord (Job chapter one). Satan then said again, ‘Touch his flesh and he will curse you to your face,’ and God allowed it again and Job remained true to the Lord (Job chapter two). That is, Job did not accuse God of evil. So what happened? Satan accused Job, God tested him, and Job did not accuse God of evil. The book of Job doesn’t say this (the first written book of the Bible), but the last written book of the Bible does say that when the children of God are tested and found true, God turns on their accuser and passes judgment against him.

Rev 12-9

(183g) Works of the devil >> The origin of lawlessness >> Spirit of Error (Anti-Christ / Anti-Semitism) >> Spirit of the broad road >> Spirit of the world – The atmosphere surrounding the earth in which Satan once occupied has been taken from him, so he is no longer prince of the power of the air, analogously speaking, but has been demoted to the earth and forced to take on the body of a man. He came to this point as a result of God taking all his options from him so that possessing the antichrist was his only choice. He will attempt to rule the world from a physical body and quickly discover the limitations of human flesh. Satan had a great vantage point from the heavens surrounding the earth but was downgraded from prince of the power of the air to possess the body of a man, so now he can only broadcast his ideas from the agency of human flesh, instead of surreptitiously presenting subliminal messages and having people unconsciously accepting them. He once was able to fill the air with his hypnotic notions, and men would readily accept them without question, but now he must speak plainly, and man must mull over His ideas before accepting them. This is one reason the judgment of God will be so severe: people will have carefully considered their options and decided that serving Satan is better than serving God. Man is so susceptible to Satan’s thoughts because of his own sinful nature that his plan will work smoothly for a while, until God stands off His throne and begins to create circumstances that will lead to the ruin of Satan’s empire.

Rev 12-10,11

(101d) Thy kingdom come >> Zeal does not count the cost >> Zeal of God has consumed me

Rev 12-10

(66f) Authority >> Jesus’ authority >> His position with the Father >> Jesus has authority over all things from the Father

(81i) Thy kingdom come >> Pray without ceasing >> Sinning from a lack of prayer – God will expect a lot from His people in the last days, so much more than what we see today. Sunday mornings we go to church, and many people believe they are saved because of it, yet many church-goers are devoid of a relationship with God. They made a commitment to their religion but never made a commitment to Christ. In the last days this level of "faith" will not suffice. We will either be Christians ready to sacrifice our lives for the cause of Christ, or we will not be Christians at all.

(104h) Thy kingdom come >> Pure in heart shall see God >> Shall see the Father >> God is in our presence

(136hb) Temple >> Your spirit is the temple of God >> The body of Christ >> Body of Christ consists of individual members >> We are being fitted together

(158i) Works of the devil >> Essential characteristics >> Divide and conquer >> Division (Cliques) >> Satan is the origin of division – Satan is called the accuser of the brethren. Note that he is not called the false accuser of the brethren, for He rightly accuses us of sin, though He is the very epitome of sin, meaning that he has no right to judge, but he doesn’t operate according to the playbook. He is in rebellion against God more than us, but he gets by with his wickedness because he is the devil, though his future judgment is coming. When Satan is right about his accusations against us, what can we say? All we can do is repent so he has no way to condemn us. It is certainly not easy being a Christian; ordering our lives to the Scriptures is a very difficult task, but the benefits are immeasurable.

(161j) Works of the devil >> Essential characteristics >> Satan’s attitude determines our direction >> Carried Away >> Condemnation >> Condemnation without basis of sin

(178b) Works of the devil >> The religion of witchcraft >> Presumption (Hinduism) >> Presuming the facts about the circumstances >> Presumption is not founded on facts

(237g) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Transferring the kingdom >> The Church is transferred to the kingdom >> The rapture >> The Church in heaven – We can find a similar statement in Rev 11-15, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever.” These statements are similar, but they refer to two separate events. The one in chapter twelve refers to God toppling Satan’s empire on a spiritual dimension, whereas the statement in chapter eleven refers to the eternal kingdom of Christ having its point of beginning. Between these two statements we understand that Christ’s eternal kingdom has just begun, while Satan’s kingdom is kaput.

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11 "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.


Rev 12-11

(25d) Sin >> Poverty (Forms of fear) >> Murder >> Persecution to the death >> Murder is the way of the world

(37h) Judgment >> Redemption of man >> His blood delivered us from destruction

(39e) Judgment >> Jesus defeated death >> Victory >> Jesus overcame the world

(53b) Paradox >> Opposites >> Of life and death >> Death cannot hurt you

(85i) Thy kingdom come >> Words of your mouth >> That are spoken in faith >> Will justify you

(144d) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Witnesses of Jesus >> The Church bears witness of Jesus >> It bears witness of His word -- This verse goes with verse 17

(147i) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Evangelism >> Solemnly testify about Jesus -- This verse goes with verse 17

(150cb) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Confessing Jesus to be saved >> Confessing Jesus for the sake of heaven -- This verse goes with verse 17

(189g) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Separation from the old man >> Martyr >> Martyrs witness to the life of God – Jesus was very protective of His disciples. Does that mean there won’t be any martyrs? If so, He hasn’t been very successful so far; the past 2000 years has been stained with the blood of the saints. Their spilled blood is what has propelled the gospel into the world. Without their blood sacrifice the gospel simply would not have had the impact that it did. It is the only way to get through to people. Tell them, ‘I believe in Jesus,’ and they will be unimpressed, but dying for our faith tends to open people’s eyes. Unbelievers see this life as the only one they will ever know, and so they protect it and value it more than ever. Meanwhile, Christians are hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven at the end of this life, so they’re perfectly happy to give their lives for their faith, especially since it will get them a better resurrection, and as opposed to renouncing their faith.

(192i) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Result of putting off the old man >> Gain by losing >> Gain God’s kingdom to lose the domain of darkness >> Gain heaven to lose the world

(209g) Salvation >> The salvation of God >> Righteous saved with difficulty >> Righteous saved with casualties – The saints overcame Satan because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for them; they trusted in God’s love rather than trusted in the thoughts and ideas of the devil against the character of God. At last, the accuser of the brethren has been thrown-down. Jesus taught in the Lord’s Prayer, “Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil” (Mat 6-13). This statement means, ‘When the devil approaches you, do not listen to Him; instead, pray for guidance from those spiritual forces.’ This is what Satan has been doing for centuries, pushing mankind under the bus, accusing us before God. The saints in the last days were willing to give up their lives; many will die for their faith rather than accuse God of evil. The challenge of this spiritual war was to become innocent of evil so we can put the spotlight on Satan’s guilt instead, for it is ineffective to expose darkness in another while we are full of darkness. Satan sees no wrong in the trials and temptations that he imposes on us but considers himself innocent before God, no matter how much evil he perpetrates against the saints; so long as he can make us sin it takes the spotlight off his own wickedness and onto ours. Satan has been consistent in doing this for centuries, but in the last days, God will effect a Great Endtime Revival that will engender faith, so God's people would rather give up their lives than listen to the devil, refusing to find fault with their heavenly Father for allowing them to suffer even to the point of death.

(245i) Kingdom of God >> Spirit realm imposed on the natural realm >> Literal manifestations >> Manifestation of God’s righteous judgment >> Manifestation of Jesus’ victory over sin -- This verse goes with verses 7-9

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12 "For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time."


Rev 12,12-14

(62o) Paradox >> Anomalies >> Righteous deception >> God deceives the world (the ruler of the world) – God has tricked the devil on multiple occasions, using the devil’s own wickedness against him. Before Satan rebelled, God was happy to give him everything. Lucifer was in control of the entire universe, and then he thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to literally own the universe instead of possessing it as a mere stewardship; Wouldn’t it be nice not to bow to God. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be God?’ He sought to separate himself from the authority of God to become his own authority, so God cast the devil and his angels to the earth. This entire planet has become Satan’s prison. Starting with the entire universe and being constrained to a single planet, a mere dot in an ocean of space shows just how far Satan has fallen from his former status. Possessing any part of the universe would make him very powerful indeed, but God has emptied him of all substance, reducing him to mere lies and deception. Then He created man and gave him dominion over the earth; in other words, God gave Adam stewardship over Satan’s prison house, essentially making Adam Satan’s prison guard. Since the shedding of Jesus’ blood, God has given man the entire universe as his inheritance of those who are in Christ, not this universe but the one to come, and now Satan is really mad, because the universe was once his inheritance, until he lost it through rebellion. God placed the Garden of Eden on the earth, in the midst of Lucifer’s prison, to tempt Satan, and he naturally fell to the temptation and tempted Eve. Satan walked away, laughing at God saying, ‘What an idiot for placing man under my nose.’ Then God said, ‘Okay, now I will create a way to forgive man for his sin.’ Now we know about sin, but we are forgiven, so that now man is even more in the image of God then when God first created man in the Garden. Lucifer feels tricked by God, even though it was the devil’s fault for deceiving man and leading him into sin. Jesus visited His people, and Satan tricked man into crucifying Him; then He rose from the dead and became man’s savior, God tricking Satan again. Now in these last days, we think Satan would be wary of God’s tricks, but he will run headlong once again into God’s trap. Rev 12,7-9 says that the angels of God have removed Satan and his hoard of demons from the atmosphere surrounding the earth (figuratively speaking), the communication center of the world, and cast him to the ground so that he can only rule mankind in the form of a man, highly limiting his ability to influence the human race. Satan is so mad at God for everything God has done to him, claiming that because of his foreknowledge, all He did to Satan was malicious, but everything Lucifer did was malicious, debunking the devil’s accusations against God. If Lucifer wanted to rebel, and if God gave him the freedom to do it, how could the devil blame God for that? Had God stopped him, Lucifer would have been far more angry for infringing on his freedom, and he would have had a point. All these things God has done for His creation without infringing on anyone’s freewill. In Rom 11-29 Paul made this statement, “The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” God refuses to take back anything he gives us, so that if we don’t use His gifts properly, they can actually become a curse to us. This is what happened to Lucifer’s freewill; it turned him into a curse. The devil can do whatever he wants and God will trump him every time, and he just gets deeper and deeper in the muck and mire and depravity of his own wicked, evil soul. The same goes for man.

Rev 12-12

(24g) Sin >> Poverty (Forms of fear) >> Envy >> Angry at God because of their poverty -- This verse goes with verse 17. People who have died in the Lord long ago and are safe and sound in heaven, ought to consider themselves fortunate compared to those of their brethren in the days of the antichrist when he appears and manifests his kingdom on the earth. These will be very difficult times Jesus promised, more difficult than any other time in human history, and that is saying a lot. It says, “The devil has come down to you,” meaning He must have been “up” somewhere before he came down. A few verses earlier Rev 12-9 says, “The serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. The prince of the power of the air, as Paul called him (Eph 2,1-3), came down, or rather was thrown down, to the earth by our God who overwhelmed him. It says that he is full of wrath, but with whom is he angry? We could rightly say that he is angry with the saints, but he is even angrier with God Himself. Satan has always been angry with God ever since he fell into sin. In fact, he is so angry with God that he has targeted His people over the centuries to thwart them from believing in Jesus so they will not inherit eternal life, and if he cannot deceive them, then he will persecute them to the death.

(117f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Rest in Jesus (Sabbath) >> Rest in His mercy

(157i) Witness >> Validity of the believer >> Evidence of being hell-bound >> Having a reprobate mind – It says that the devil knows his time is short. Knowing that his plan will not end well, he plots against God, which is really stupid, but He continues on his prideful journey. It is more likely that God would forgive a reprobate than Satan. The Bible speaks about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit being an unforgivable sin, but the Scriptures don’t teach that a man cannot be forgiven who blasphemes the Holy Spirit. Rather, the man (not the sin) can be forgiven. God cannot forgive blasphemy in the sense that he cannot reward us for the things we have not done in obedience to the Holy Spirit. It is until the man crosses an indeterminate line that he develops a reprobate mind, which terminates God’s ability to forgive the man. Every time we disobey the Holy Spirit it is a type of blasphemy; everyone blasphemes the Holy Spirit, but it is when we develop a lifestyle of rebelling against the Holy Spirit that our blasphemies transform into the reprobate mind, which is incapable of faith toward God for which we cannot be forgiven. This is also the case with the devil. Satan has a reprobate mind; he cannot believe in God; he cannot be forgiven; he cannot be saved. The devil cannot humble himself before the almighty, and even if he did, God could not forgive him, i.e. Jesus died for the sins of mankind, not for the devil. God could not forgive Lucifer for his sin because he sinned in the very presence of God, instantly giving him a reprobate mind, whereas man sins apart from the presence of God, and can thus be forgiven.

(214c) Sovereignty >> God controls time >> God’s timing >> God’s timing transcends our comprehension >> God’s time line gives the wicked just enough rope to hang himself

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13&14 And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. 14 But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.


Rev 12,13-17 

(136hb) Temple >> Your spirit is the temple of God >> The body of Christ >> Body of Christ consists of individual members >> We are being fitted together

Rev 12,13-16

(28k) Gift of God >> God is our advocate >> God protects us through prayer -- These verses go with verse 6

Rev 12-13 

(242g) Kingdom of God >> Opposition toward the Kingdom of God >> Persecuting the kingdom >> Worldly pressure >> World pressures you to forsake God -- This verse goes with verse 17

Rev 12-14

(50h) Judgment >> Sequence of Revelations >> Second half of the tribulation >> The saints flee into the wilderness - spiritual warfare  (Pre-rapture ascension) -- This verse goes with verses 1-6. Recall that Rev 8,3-5 says, “Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel's hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.” This golden censer filled with incense, which is the prayers of all the saints, represents an anointing that God will give to the Church to pray without ceasing regarding the angelic war that is transpiring all around them, just like the cherubim pray without ceasing around God's throne, praying fervently even as Daniel prayed during an angelic war that transpired in his own time (Dan 10,12-15).

(116e) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Working the grace of God >> Through worship >> Entering His hiding place -- This verse goes with verse 6. This is a 3-½ year period. The wings of the great eagle came from one of the four living creatures mentioned at the beginning of the book of Revelation, obviously the one that looked like an eagle. John the revelator called them creatures because there was nothing else like them; they don’t have a category. Therefore, we can assume that these four living creatures are the only four in existence, and one of them has the form of an eagle. They have another name: cherubim, and their emblem was sculpted on the Ark of the Covenant that was located in the Holy of Holies. Essentially, the Bible describes the Holy of Holies as a prayer closet, and since a cherub is associated with it, and these four living creatures always stand in the presence of God guarding the throne, and since Jesus associated prayer with watching and remaining vigilant, commanding His disciples to watch and pray, we therefore understand that the woman received the wings of the great eagle to fly into her place in the wilderness so there she might watch and pray. Hence, the wilderness represents a giant prayer closet, a more literal Holy of Holies than the one God commanded Moses to incorporate into the temple of worship, and God has called the woman to remain there for a 3-½ years, while the two witnesses divert the attention of their enemies, as the seven angels blow their seven trumpets. This cherub has given the Church the ability to fly, and she flies in the airspace that once belonged to Satan, but was since evicted from his vantage point as the prince of the power of the air surrounding the earth.

(140d) Temple >> Temple made without hands >> Hiding place >> Living in the spiritual revelation of the word -- This verse goes with verse 6. Until then, Satan was the main spiritual influence, who broadcasted His message of unbelief into the hearts and minds of all mankind around the world like a giant radio station. Now the Church has this position after the wings of the great eagle were given to her, and she flew to her place in the wilderness from the presence of the serpent. So all these things took place before she entered the wilderness. The fall of Satan was not the result of the Church’s wilderness experience, but something else prior to the wilderness, perhaps just before or just after the first trumpet blast. Soon as God began organizing His people and selecting His 144,000 and calling His two witnesses and establishing them as leaders over the Church, in the mere preparation of these things Satan was deposed. It didn’t take much for God to remove Him, any amount of resistance and he crumbles. The two wings of the great eagle constitute the Spirit and the Word. Together they work to bring about the Church’s ministry of becoming the most powerful spiritual influence on earth.

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15-17 And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth. 17 So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.


Rev 12-15,16

(55h) Paradox >> Opposites >> People who are trying to preserve the earth are the same ones who will destroy it – God has subjected the creation to suffer the pains of childbirth (Rom 8,19-22), the universe itself is striving to make this happen, the earth included. For this reason Rev 12-15,16 says, “The earth helped the woman” (the Church), because it knows that when we achieve immortality, we will lead the charge of freedom and victory over death. So the earth opened its mouth and once more drank in the toxic poison of Satan’s lies and deceptions. Satan was destroying the earth trying to get to the woman, the earth receiving the destruction to itself protected the woman in hope of being redeemed with her. Her resurrection imminently precedes the redemption of all creation. We know all too well the angst, wanting to be clothed with our dwelling from heaven.

(159k) Works of the devil >> Essential characteristics >> Counterfeit God >> Counterfeit anointing >> Counterfeit signs and wonders – This river of water coming out of the mouth of the serpent refers to Satan tempting the Church with a false anointing. It will be a religious deception aimed to divert their attention off prayer and onto the devil’s temptation. He will try to exchange the anointing the woman has received from God for his own anointing designed to believe lies about God and direct them back toward the antichrist and to the mark of the beast, but the woman will not fall for it. Instead, the earth will help the woman. It says the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the anointing, suggesting that an earthquake occurred and redirected the Church’s attention back on prayer.

Rev 12-15

(175e) Works of the devil >> The religion of witchcraft >> Form of godliness >> Using religion to persecute the Church

(183a) Witchcraft (Key verse) – Definition: A means of seeking guidance or favor from a god foreign to the God of heaven.

(183d) Works of the devil >> The origin of lawlessness >> Spirit of Error (Anti-Christ / Anti-Semitism) >> Witchcraft >> Anointing of error – The New Testament uses water to represent the Holy Spirit; consequently, this water used by Satan in attempt to drown the woman represents a false anointing, consisting of lies and deception. He tried to deceive the Church into walking away from the ministry of the 144,000, but it says that the earth helped the woman and absorbed the river, which the dragon poured from its mouth. That is, the earth proved Satan’s lies. The earth itself demonstrated this, similar to many of Solomon’s proverbs that speak of this natural realm judging the ways of a fool. All the Church had to do was stay with the Lord and the principles of wisdom that God had sown into the creation judged the dragon’s folly. Satan was no doubt making many accusations against the Church for the state of the world that were unfounded and making many false promises to his followers that were not coming to pass. He no doubt promised a robust economy that would afford a higher standard of living than the one before antichrist came to power, but in truth only profited a few as usual. When he was unable to deliver on his promises, it put the Church in an even greater light and people came to the Lord all the more.

Rev 12-16,17

(49e) Judgment >> Enemies of God’s Church are destroyed -- This verse goes with verses 7-11

Rev 12-16

(89g) Thy kingdom come >> Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom >> Wisdom is the key that unlocks the mysteries of God

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Rev 12-17 

(6a) Responsibility >> Jesus’ yoke of obedience >> Our obligation to keep His commandments – Unlike today, these will be times in which you dare not move a muscle unless you are sure it is sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, lest you blow your cover and many of your friends suffer with you from your mistake. The Church will be leaning very heavily on the Holy Spirit for guidance and spiritual wisdom. It will be a time when all the people faithful in Christ are either reading His word or praying.  It will be a time of intense godly strength and insight into the Scriptures, and a unity unheard-of until then, even by the early church.

(24g) Sin >> Poverty (Forms of fear) >> Envy >> Angry at God because of their poverty -- This verse goes with verse 12

(45k) Judgment >> Spiritual warfare >> Subjecting your flesh >> Satan VS the saints >> Defeating Satan in weakness of sinful flesh -- This verse goes with verses 1-13. Satan will make war with the Gentile Church, but they too have followed the 144,000 Jews into the wilderness and are being protected there. Those who have not fled into the wilderness and have stayed behind and remained in the big cities and have taken their chances on civilization, these are the ones with whom Satan is warring. We know that the book of Revelation skips around a bit; there is a reason for that: John wanted to finish a thought before he started the next sequential chain of events, so he had to backtrack to recount the next thing that would happen. The result was that the book of Revelation appears out of sequence, when in fact John did what he could to write it in sequence. For example, chapter 11 depicts the Rapture of the Church, whereas in chapter 12 the Church is still here. John is writing about the dragon being thrown to the earth, having been overcome by the saints as spoken in verse 9, and now in verse 17 we see the dragon is still persecuting the Church, though he has been defeated, so How can he still be martyring the saints? Did you know that if you kill a venomous snake and even cut off its head that if its fangs somehow pierced your skin, it could still inject venom into your body and kill you? That is why you should also bury the heard. Satan was overcome on a spiritual level, and for this reason he adopted a physical body in the antichrist, like the head of the snake, which God will eventually bury in the lake of fire.

(87f) Thy kingdom come >> Ministry to God through obedience >> The obedience of prayer

(90j) Thy kingdom come >> Keeping the law >> We do not nullify the law through faith; we fulfill it

(144d) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Witnesses of Jesus >> The Church bears witness of Jesus >> It bears witness of His word -- This verse goes with verse 11

(147i) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Evangelism >> Solemnly testify about Jesus -- This verse goes with verse 11

(150cb) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Confessing Jesus to be saved >> Confessing Jesus for the sake of heaven -- This verse goes with verse 11

(232h) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Seeking the kingdom >> Embrace (Jesus during the storm) >> Hold on to the word of God – Since this war between Satan and his minions and Michael and his angels took place and the angels of God defeated him, Satan has resorted to possessing a man that we call the antichrist, and he is enraged with the woman, who is the Jewish Church, the 144,000 witnesses and her gentile children. Satan through the antichrist is enraged with the Church, both Jew and gentile, because they will not conform to his will or submit to his authority, nor were they intimidated by his threats while he was in the process of rounding up Christians and destroying them. The Prince of the Power of the Air was called Satan, but after he was thrown to the earth, John called him the serpent. The saints overcame him by keeping the commandments of God and holding to the testimony of Jesus. They refused to receive his mark, and for this reason he is seeking to kill them. Their victory over Satan was through the word of God and prayer and developing the hearing ear. Whatever the spirit said to them they did it, and by this they overcame him, though it cost many their natural lives in the flesh. They had the hope of eternal life in their sights and they were not about to take their eyes off the prize for anything.

(242g) Kingdom of God >> Opposition toward the Kingdom of God >> Persecuting the kingdom >> Worldly pressure >> World pressures you to forsake God -- This verse goes with verse 4

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