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Video and photos about the book: "Great Endtime Revival"






Original idea for Front Cover

Taken from Last Days Newsletter 

Aug-Oct 1983 




Second idea for the front cover. My original title idea was Jason's Treasure.

This is the original photo my mom took of Fred and me with my tea kettle, ages 7 & 3.




Jeannie and I eating raisins, ages 2 & 3.




The Rock River at flood stage, 2008, looking upstream on the Shirland Avenue Bridge. I almost drowned twice in water like this. The steps are midway along the left shoreline. The Corn Curl factory is behind me, also on the left.




The steps. The shoreline has eroded. 




Tip of Bony Island where Mark and I almost drowned. 





This is the location of the sewer pipe, which is obviously gone now. I knew the bent tree since it was a sapling, which grew around the pipe and held it from tipping into the river. The dead tree in the river is the one I used to hoist myself to safety when I tipped over my canoe at the Point. The fierce flood-level current has since swept the tree to shore. Photo taken in low water.




My humble abode where I lived in Wakefield, my Dodge Colt parked in front.




Wakefield High School; the road sign arrow is pointing at my room, the last one on the end.




The logo painted on the Wakefield High School gymnasium wall was appropriate 




A house where someone may have recently lived, or perhaps still occupies.




Rail road tracks leading to the cattle graveyard; a vulture is in flight. 




A calf that was mercilessly impaled on a stick in the cattle graveyard. 




A new cow was added to the cattle graveyard every other week or so.




My barber in Wakefield




The Dugan barn. The first corn curl was invented in this historical round barn. It has been since torn down. Many books have been written about it:


Jackson, Jacqueline Dougan (1997). Stories from the Round Barn. Northwestern University Press. Evanston, IL. ...and others from her.


Read a short excerpt  of Jacqueline's interview as she talked about the invention of the Korn Kurl in this very barn. 





The original Adam's Korn Kurls advertisement




Ruins of the Corn Curl Factory. The broken cinder blocks in the foreground are part of the Corn Curl factory; they are resting on the foundation of the old building. 

The landfill is in the background.   




A better look at the landfill in early spring, prior to leafing. Note the trees growing on the landfill, denoting the last addition of rocks and gravel.




Crest of the Landfill. Note how high we are above the Rock River.