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Sequence of Endtime Events



July 1, 2010



If the founding apostles of the church believed they too were living in the last days, proving the length of time it has taken to slowly change the circumstances that led to the doorstep of our technological age, how much more likely are we to be the generation that witnesses the return of Jesus Christ? unfortunately, if endtime prophecy began to unfold today, people would not be prepared to cope with the events that are prophesied to occur, because the church has gathered doctrines around itself designed to help them believe they don’t need to prepare. God wants us here during the majority of the tribulation, because he has a part for us to play in the greatest spiritual revival of all time that will assist in destroying Satan’s kingdom. 


I purposely have never read a book about endtimes or personally studied the subject in the Bible throughout my thirty years as a Christian. Instead, I have concentrated on my relationship with Christ through the word of God and prayer. When the time came to pursue the subject of endtimes, I balanced my general knowledge of the Scriptures with an objective viewpoint on the matter without being overshadowed by the biases of other people’s ideas. My greatest strength as an objective writer of biblical studies is to avoid reading into the Bible what I want it to say and simply let the word of God speak for itself. There have been periods in my life lasting years when I lived and breathed the contents of the Bible, devoting every waking hour to rustling through its pages. My hope is that more people will become enlightened to the fact that God is calling them to help fulfill endtime prophecy by becoming members of a revival bigger than all past revivals combined, by seeking a more spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ through the word of God and prayer as the day draws near.


Following is a synopsis of each chapter.





James R. Wuthrich





Section I – Revelation of Man


Inventors of Culture – takes the reader on a fascinating trip through history, starting around the time of Christ. It points out many of the inventions that eventually became the foundation of the industrial revolution, which founded the technological age of our present day. It makes the point that without the innovations of our current civilization, Bible prophecy could not be fulfilled, and suggests that the technological age in which we are currently living is one of the neon signs that God has given us that proves we are living in the last days.


Apostasy – is another historical journey taking the reader back to the birth of Christianity and looks at its historical track record, noting how far and how long man has strayed from the will of God, beginning almost immediately after the early apostles fell asleep. It looks at the church today and makes the point that if the writers of the Bible called their own time “the last days” (2 Tim 3:1), stating that antichrists were active in their own time (1 John 4:3), then how much more likely are we to be living in the last days and how big a role is the spirit of antichrist playing in our present society?


Evolution of Culture – is an ambitious chapter that takes the reader deep inside the DNA molecule of the human gene pool to explore the mechanism of genetic adaptation that occurs outside our consent and mostly without our input regarding how human civilization and its many subcultures evolve. It makes the point that though we humans love to control things, we ourselves are not in control of who we are becoming as a society. It concludes that man is evolving in ways that are not good and as of lately society is more and more assuming the traits of psychopathy, which is another sign of the last days and of the antichrist rising to power.


Section II – Revelation of Satan


Rise of the Antichrist – makes the suggestion that the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in Daniel 2 represent the moneylenders that have recently disabled the economy creating a very weak foundation for Satan’s one world government. It meticulously pieces together the books of Daniel and Revelation to form a meaningful and lucid scenario of endtime events, naming the countries involved in this volatile world climate they have created for the purpose of revealing their New World Order. It depicts the nature of Satan and identifies the antichrist, his false prophet, and describes the stormy relationship they have with each other.


Kingdom of the Antichrist – takes a closer look at these moneylenders and what they have done to destroy our economy through their greed, and asks why the Federal Reserve was hardly implicated in the matter when they are in charge of our money supply. Then it links their merging, global monetary system to the coming mark of the beast, and uses his mark to positively identify a series of events that must unfold in a logical procession in order to fulfill the prophecy of Scripture. It also explains why Satan’s mark is a ticket to hell for anyone who receives it, using the support from previous chapters to strengthen the argument that the mark will dramatically increase the traits of psychopathy in the world at a time when Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.


Religion of the Antichrist – There is a huge mountain of scriptural evidence pointing to the pope as the antichrist through the eyes of Revelation 17, showing a clear correspondence with Catholicism. However, the doctrines of Catholicism alone cannot account for everything the Bible says about Satan’s endtime religion, such as the blasphemous names on the heads of the beast, which is not reminiscent of the catholic faith at all. That sounds more like Judaism. Therefore, the religion of antichrist will be a composite of Judaism with the Roman Catholic Church, which supports the Scriptures that the antichrist will create his own religion and will have close connections with Jerusalem.


Section III – Revelation of Jesus Christ


The Great Endtime Revival – The true church will boldly unite as Satan is rising to power and presiding over mankind, and when he tries to stop this Christian revival, he will find himself fighting against God. Satan is very selfish and greedy. He can be in only one place at a time, so when the revival begins in Jerusalem, Satan will leave the false prophet and migrate to the Vatican, where he will possess the pope, who will then migrate to Jerusalem and attempt to quell the revival, which will have its origins with the 144,000 Jews. After he introduces his mark and starts martyring Christians, the two witnesses will come to the rescue, while the church flees into the wilderness. Then, once the two witnesses are killed and ascend to heaven in the presence of their enemies, the long expected and blessed Rapture will finally occur. 


The Rapture – The pre-tribulation rapture theory has done a lot of harm in giving people false hope about escaping the distressful circumstances of endtimes. My great fear for the church is that people will miss God, just like the Jews missed Jesus when He came the first time. The rapture will be delayed, according to Jesus own word (Matt 25:5), possibly later than many people within the church will be prepared to wait for Him. As they run low on oil, they will prove themselves to be the five foolish virgins, who represent half the church. This chapter inventories a very specific sequence of biblical events that must take place before and after the rapture in the same way that the mark of the beast can predict events, based on the principles of Scripture.


Fall of Satan – The rapture will not occur until many Christians are martyred, which will precipitate the judgment of God, who intends to use His church as an opportunity for the world to repent of its unbelief after witnessing many signs, wonders and miracles that God will perform through His people in the last days. When the world refuses to repent, He will then use His church to cement rebellion into the reprobate mind through martyrdom, so the worshippers of the antichrist cannot repent. In other words, God will use His church as a reason to end human governments forever, because of the callousness of the human heart and the martyrdom of His saints. At the same time that God is judging the world through the church, Satan will be in the troughs of his own self-destruction from a total lack of inner quality. Prince of demons taking on human flesh will prove to be the worst time in human history, but also prove to the devil a more difficult and complicated endeavor than anticipated. Essentially the antichrist (Satan as the pope), instead of glorifying his false prophet, will fall to his own temptations of greed, lust and pride. The false prophet (the moneylenders of the world) will become enraged with their antichrist and destroy the Vatican out of jealousy, which is the very motive that Satan used against Jesus. Jealousy hung Him on the cross, and this same jealousy will prove to be Satan’s undoing and the root of his self-destructive nature.