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                            2COR 6,8-10





53    (See Chapter Outline)


         See other paradoxes


        A) IRONIES OF THE BIBLE   2C0R 6,8-10 
                  1) Ironies Pertaining to Life And Death
a                         a) Die in order to live  verses
                                    Mat 10-39          Rom 7,4-6            2Cor 6-9
                                    Rom 6,1-4         2Cor 5-14,15        2Tim 2-11
                                    2Cor 4,10-12,16-18
b                         b) Death cannot hurt you  verses
                                    Lk 21,16-18         Rev 2-10          Rev 14-13
                                         24-5                         12-11               15-2
                                    2Tim 4-18
c                         c) Die trying to live  verses
                                    Mat 8-21,22         1Tim 5-6         Rev 3-1
                                    Rom 7,7-13
d                         d) Dying more than once     Jn 12,9-11  verses
                           e) Life died     Act 3-15  
                            f) Jesus’ death is our life     Jn 6-51  
                  2) Pertaining to Freedom And Bondage
e                         a) It takes one to know one  verses
                                    Jn 7,47-49      Rom 2-1         Rom 14-1
f                          b) Slaves are free/free are slaves  verses
                                    1Cor 7-22,23         2Cor 4-5         Col 3-11

g                         c) Preaching freedom in bondage  verses

                                    Act 26-28,29         1Cor 9,16-21         Eph 4-1

                           d) Definition of freedom is bondage     Mat 27-2  

h                         e) Blind discernment     Lk 6-41,42  verse

                   3) Contradicting Your Own Standards

i                          a) Making accusations against things you believe in  verses

                                    Jn 11-21,22         Act 26,5-8         Rom 14-22,23

                                    Act 24,14-16              13-27

j                          b) Believing in something you don’t understand  verses

                                    Act 17-22,23         Act 19,32-34        1The 2,1-8

                           c) Being accused by someone you believe in     Jn 5,45-47  

                   4) This is what I Used To Think
k                         a) I thought the devil liked darkness     2Pet 2-4  verses

                           b) I thought sinners liked darkness     Jd-13         Rev 16-10,11  

                           c) I thought sinners liked bitterness     Rev 8-10,11  

                   5) The law was made for sinners

l                         a) Sinners follow after the law    Gal 5-3 4         1Tim 1,9-11  verses

                          b) Judging the law by sinning against it     Jm 4-11,12  

m               6) God is made strong in our weakness  verses

                              1Cor 2,3-5         2Cor 3-5         2Cor 11-30

                              2Cor 1,8-10                4-7                   12,5-11





Paradox -- Opposites / Ironies    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                7) Unbelief in the presence of the power of God  verses
                              Mat 27-11         Act 12,12-16         Jn 12,37-43
b                8) Ignorant people wanting to teach  verses
                              Lk 6-39        Rom 2,17-24         1Tim 1-7

                             2Tim 3,7-9
                  9) Godly vindication     Mat 26-63
c                10) Dark light     Mat 6-23  verses
                  11a) Requesting blood be on their own hands     Mat 27-25

                  11b) Disobedience fulfilled the Scriptures    Lk 22,36-38,45-51
                  12) Weak faith     Mat 17-20
d                13) More left over scraps than the initial amount     Mk 8,6-9  verses

                  14) Concerned about their needs when the provider of sparrows

                        is aboard their ship     Mk 8,14-21
e                15a) Demanding permission     Lk 22-31  verses
                  15b) The prisoner is in charge  Act 27-31

                  16) Creation does not know its creator     Jn 1-10
                  17) Worshipping the flesh     Jn 6,15-17,22-36         Act 14-18,19
f                 18) Knowing Jesus but not the Father     Jn 7-28,29  verses
                  19) Pupil instructing the teacher     Jn 9,26-34
                  20) A few words shy of the kingdom     Lk 23-3    Jn 18-33,34

g                21) If repentance is a blessing, why do we need to be coerced?  verses

                                Act 3-26         Act 11-21

                  22) The difference between our prayer meetings and God’s
                        prayer meetings     Act 16,13-18,25,29
h                23) Not much respect for someone with world renown     Act 17-5,6  verses
                  24) From motives of financial gain to religious conviction     Act 19,23-29
i                 25) Ignoring the word of God to find the will of God     Act 21,9-14  verses
                  26) You cannot please people who have predetermined that
                        you are wrong     Act 21,23-40
j                 27) Saved by the blood from the wrath of God     Rom 5-9  verses
                  28) Freedom with fences   Rom 6-18         Eph 4-3
k                29) Contrast of two natures     Rom 7-21        Rom 16-19,20  verses
                  30) Law entices us to sin     Rom 7-5,8-11
                  31) Man’s vengeance makes the other sinner less guilty of
                          the initial crime     Rom 12-20,21
l                 32) Do not let that which is a good thing be spoken of as evil  verses

                          Rom 14-16         1Cor 8-1,11
                  33) Seeking victory for a defeated cause     1Cor 6-1,7,8,12
m               34) Be mature and run     1Cor 10,13-15  verses
                  35) As having nothing yet possessing all things

                            2Cor 6-10         Phi 4-12

n                36) As sorrowful yet always rejoicing     2Cor 6-9  verses

                  37) Punish disobedience after you desire to obey     2Cor 10-6

                  38) Seal of apostleship exceeds the commitment of the false apostle 

                            2Cor 11,12-15

o                39) Boasting in the flesh to glorify God     2Cor 11-17,18  verses

                  40) The more I love the less I am loved     2Cor 12-15

                  41) Trying to be spiritual through the flesh     Gal 3,2-7

                  42) Knowing the unknowable     Eph 3-19




Paradox -- Opposites / Ironies    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                43) Image of the invisible God     Col 1-15  verses

                  44) Working the grace of God     2Tim 2-1

                  45) Teaching bond-slaves how to be good servants     Tit 2-9

b                46) Be diligent to enter His rest     Heb 4-1,2,6,11  verses

                  47) A flawless God mandating a covenant with flaws     Heb 8-7,8

                  48) Forgetting who you are     Jm 1,22-25

c                49) Faith without works (mental ascent)     Jm 2,14-20,26  verses

                  50) Blessing God and cursing men who are made in the image of God     Jm 3,7-9

d                51) Desires that keep you from what you want     Jm 4-1,2  verses

                  52) People who sin in the likeness of demons     2Pet 2,10-12

                  53) Darkness exposes itself by its own response     1Jn 4-6

e                54) No one has beheld God at any time...except us     1Jn 4-12,14  verses

                  55) Wolves creeping in who have been long beforehand marked out for 

                          destruction, are not very sneaky     Jd-4,12,13

f                 56) Love/hate relationship     Jd-23  verses

                  57) What does the voice of Jesus look like?     Rev 1-2,12

                  58) Deep things of Satan     Rev 2-24

g                59) As Jesus opens His doors the church close theirs     Rev 3-7,8,20  verses

                  60) God sits on a throne that is standing     Rev 4-2

h                61) People who are trying to preserve the earth are the same ones  verses

                          who will destroy it     Rev 11-18        Rev 12-15,16

                  62) Looked like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon     Rev 13-11

i                 63) Sounded either like thunder or harps     Rev 14-2  verses

                  64) If you trample on the cross, He who hung on it will trample on you

                              Rev 14,14-20

j                  65) He carried me away like lust does to show me what lust is     Rev 17-2,3  verses

                   66) Life judges death     Rev 20-12

                   67) Fulfilling your own prophecy  Jn 11,49-53     Jn 18,12-14



                   1) Lose By Gaining  Mat 16-25,26

                       a) Gain the world to lose your soul

k                                 I- he who saves his life shall lose it  verses

                                            Mat 10-39                          Mk 8,35-38         Lk 17-33

                                                   16-25,26                     Lk 9,24-26          Jn 12-24,25

                                            Heb 10,26-31,37-39        Heb 6,4-8            Heb 12,15-17

l                                  II- live this life to Lose eternal life  verses

                                            Lk 16,9-31         Gal 6-7,8         Jm 5,1-6

                                            Mat 25,24-30,41-46

                       b) Lose God by gaining your own way

m                               I- losing God’s will by gaining your own will  verses

                                            Lk 14,16-24         1Cor 6-1,4-10         Phi 2-3,4,20,21

                                                 15,11-16                   7,32-35          2Tim 2-12

                                            Act 24,24-27

n                                 II- losing the truth by gaining religion  verses

                                            Lk 3-7           Gal 5,1-4         2Tim 4-3,4

                                            Act 1,21-26         6-12,13





Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Lose By Gaining    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                        c) Gain your idea of wealth to lose God’s wealth  verses

                                    Act 5,1-11         1The 4-8             Tit 1-7
                                    1Cor 4-8           1Tim 3-8,9          Jm 1,6-8,10,11
                                    Gal 3,1-7           2Tim 3,6-9         Rev 21-8,27
                                    Phi 2-16            Rev 3,1-3,11,15-18
b                         d) Lose your place by seeking the first place  verses
                                    Mat 19-30         Lk 11-43               2Pet 2,1-22
                                    Mk 12-7            Act 12,21-23         3Jn-9,10

                   2) Kingdom Of God Is Opposite of The World System

                      a) He who humbles himself shall be exalted

c                                 I- humble yourself to be chosen of God  verses

                                            1Cor 1,18-29          Jm 1-9         1Pet 5-5,6         

                                                      12,22-26              4-10

d                                 II- humble yourself to be used of God  verses

                                            1Cor 9,2-6                   Heb 2-9,10         Heb 11,24-29

                                            Phi 2,3-11,29,30         Rev 5,6-14

e                                III- humble yourself as a defensive strategy  verses

                                            Rom 12,14-21         Heb 10-12,13         Heb 12-1,2 

                                            2Cor 12,5-11

f                                 IV- humble yourself for the right motives  verses

                                            Mat 18,1-4         Mat 23-12         1Pet 3-7

                      b) Less your flesh lives the more your spirit lives

g                                 I- seek God’s life by subduing your flesh  verses

                                            Mat 16,24-26         Lk 14,26-32                   2Cor 4,10-12,16-18
                                            Mk 8,34-38            Jn 12,23-25                    2Tim 2-11

                                            Lk 9,24-26             Rom 6,1-11,16-22         1Pet 3-18

h                                 II- he must increase, but I must decrease  verses

                                            Jn 3-30                            Rom 8,4-13         Heb 11,35-38

                                            1Cor 15-36,42-49         1Pet 4-1,2,5,6


i                          c) Last is first and the first is last  verses

                                    Mat 19-30            Col 1-18                 Rev 14-4

                                            20,8-16        Rev 1-17,18           1Cor 15,8-10

                                    Mk 10-31                     2-8                  Rev 22-13                       

                                    Rev 21-6

j                          d) He who exalts himself shall be humbled  verses

                                    Lk 14,7-11                Jm 5,1-6         Rev 19,17-19
                                    1Cor 12-15,16         3Jn-9,10

k                         e) Least are greatest  verses

                                    Mat 11-11,25         Mk 4-31,32                 Eph 3-8

                                           20,25-28         Lk 7-28                        Heb 2,5-18

                                           23-11              Jn 13,3-17,23-26                7-7

                                    1Cor 1,26-31        Lk 9-10,11,22-26        Lk 16,19-31

l                          f) Greatest are least  verses

                                    Mk 9,33-37           Lk 9,46-48         1Cor 4,8-16 

                                    Mk 10,35-45         Lk 22,24-30       Lk 16,19-31


m                3) The poor are rich  verses

                            Mat 5-3               Heb 11-26         Jm 2-5

                            Lk 6-20,21         Jm 1-9




Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Kingdom VS World Concepts    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                   4) The rich are poor  verses

                                1Tim 6,17-19         Jm 1-10,11         Jm 5,3-6

                                Gal 2-6

b                   5) Jesus destroyed death to give us life  verses
                                2Tim 1-10         Heb 2-14,17         Heb 10-19,20
                     6) Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good

                                Rom 12-21         1The 5-15
                     7) World’s perspective versus God’s perspective
                                1Cor 4,6-16         Eph 4-18        Jm 2-18,24
c                   8) Humble yourself and God will exalt your brother  verses
                                2Cor 11-7,8         2Cor 13-9
                     9) Vision impairs sight, but the blind can see
                                Jn 9,39-41         Act 9-2,4-6,8         Act 22-11

                                Lk 5-31,32
                   10a) The more you love the less you fear
                                Lk 1-30        2Cor 7,4-6         1Jn 4-18

                   10b)  The more you fear the less you love    Mat 24-12
d                 11) Friend of the world is an enemy of God  verses
                                Eph 2,1-3         Jm 4-4         1Jn 2,15-17
                   12) God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble

                                Lk 1,51-53         Lk 6,24-26         Lk 18-14

                                1Pet 5-5
                   13) World’s wisdom versus God’s wisdom
                                2Cor 13-7         Jm 3,13-18
e                 14) World hates what God loves and God hates what the world loves  verses

                                Jn 16-20         Phi 3-7,8
                   15) What is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God

                                Lk 16-15
                   16) More glory you receive from men, the less you seek of God     Jn 5-43,44
f                  17) To be at home in the body is to be absent from the Lord, and to be absent

                          from the body is to be present with the Lord     Lk 16-22        2Cor 5,6-8  verses
                   18) Making enemies by telling the truth     Gal 4-16,17
                   19) Lesser is blessed by the greater     Heb 7-1,7-9
g                 20) We become rich through His poverty     2Cor 8-9  verses

                   21) Crucified in weakness, but He lives by the power of God     2Cor 13-4
                   22) Jesus died to give us life     Jn 6-53,54,57
h                 23) More faith, less sin / more sin, less faith     Rom 14-23  verses
                   24) More truth you know, the less bondage you accept     1Tim 4-3

                   25) More you love righteousness, the less your enemies can harm you

                            1Pet 3-13,14

                   26) The God of peace will crush Satan under our feet    Rom 16-20


i                  26) More you profess wisdom, the less you have of it  verses
                                Mat 11-25         Rom 1-22         1Cor 3-18
                   27) Less I have the more I receive / my abundance is a Supply for their need

                                2Cor 8,13-15         Phi 4,16-19
j                  28) Crown of life is awarded to those who die to self     Rev 2-10  verses
                   29) Unable to endure hearing the word of God, how much
                          less are they able to do it     2Tim 4-3,4        Heb 12,18-20
                   30) Act of love that has no semblance to love     Jn 11-5,6
k                 31) Submit to God and resist the devil     Jm 4-7  verses
                   32) More you sin the less tendency you have to repent     Jn 3-20





Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Contrast Between Wisdom and Folly    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                 33) Master becomes the servant     Jn 13-4,5  verses
                   34) World takes the kingdom of God by force     Act 23-10

                 34b) Jesus is judge of all the earth but refuses to be an arbitrator  Lk 12,13-15 
                   35) Your actions before and after the presence of Jesus     Jn 20,24-29
b                 36) Jesus’ second coming is similar to His ascension     Act 1-10,11  verses
                   37) It is more blessed to give than to receive     Act 20-35
                   38) From being condemned to death to being worshipped     Act 28,3-6
c                 39) From being worshipped to being stoned     Act 14,13-15,19  verses
                   40) A blameless reputation preaching an unpopular gospel     Act 28,20-22,25-29
                   41) Light of the truth is more brilliant around deception     Rom 3,5-8
d                 42) Sinful nature is responsible, not me     Rom 7,14-25  verses
                   43) God endures the lost for the sake of the elect     Rom 9-22,23
                   44) Gentiles seek wisdom, but the Jews have it; Jews seek
                          righteousness, but the Gentiles have it     Rom 9,30-32        Rom 11,5-12
e                 45) You do not support the root; the root supports you     Rom 11,17-24  verses
                   46) Jews are enemies of God for the Gentiles sake, but are
                          beloved for the sake of the fathers     Rom 11-28        Heb 2-16
                   47) We have been shown mercy because of their disobedience,
                          now they will be shown mercy because of us     Rom 11-30,31
f                  48) Accepting the weak to judge their opinions     Rom 14-1  verses
                   49) The less honor they seem, the more honor we deem     1Cor 12,23-25
                   50) The more we exalt Jesus, the less significant we become     2Cor 4-5
g                 51) Old covenant versus the new covenant     Heb 10-8,9,28,29  verses
                   52) To seek and not find     Heb 11-13
                   53) Jesus becomes sin that we might obtain His righteousness    Lk 22,41-44    2Cor 5-21
h                 54) Shut you out that you might seek them     Gal 4-17  verses
                   55) More you pray the less anxious you are     Phi 4-6,7,11,12
                   56) More peace and safety they confess, the less there is     1The 5-3,4
i                  57) Hold me responsible for any inconvenience, while you  verses
                          owe me your entire lives     Ph-18,19
                   58) More it rains the less productive the ground     Heb 6-7,8

j                   1)—The temple building     Mat 26,59-61         Mk 15-29,30         Jn 2-19  verses
                            The temple of His body
                    2)—Good things     Mk 4-24         1Cor 5,6-8
                            Bad things
k                  3)—Only God is good     Mk 10-18         Lk 18-19  verses
                            Jesus is God
                    4)—Are you the king of the Jews?     Mk 15-2        Jn 18-33,34
                            You are the king of the Jews!     

l                   5)—The Lord is warning Paul     Act 21,11-14,30-40  verses

                            The Lord is promising Paul     Act 26-29

                    6)—Introduced to salvation     Rom 5-2         Gal 3-13,14
                            Introduced to the kingdom of God
m                 7)—Literally die and partake of the first resurrection  verses
                            Die to self to receive the anointing     Rom 6-5,8         Heb 9-27
                    8)—False light is self-deception     Mat 6-22,23
                            False light is religion


Paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                  9)—Jesus is the kingdom and violent men hung Him on a tree  verses
                            Church protects the kingdom from their own flesh     Mat 11-12
                   10)—Spirit of Elijah is coming     Mat 17,10-12        Lk 1-17
                            John the Baptist was like Elijah

                   10a)—Enmity – enmity between Jew and gentile (anti-Semitism)
                                            – enmity between man and God    Eph 2,14-16

b                 11)—Judgment of God fell on Israel in 70 a.d.  verses
                            Judgment of God fell on Jesus at the cross    Mat 23,32-36
                   12)—Your sins are forgiven     Mk 2-5        Lk 5,18-26        Jm 5-14,15
                            You are healed
                   13)—Supply the needs of the people     Mk 6-37
                            Give them what I supply to you

c                 14)—Literally cut off your hand if it causes you to sin  verses

                            Commit yourself to this extent and you will stop sinning     Mk 9,43-50

                   15)—You shall drink my cup and experience my baptism

                            Your cup and baptism are not like mine     Mk 10-39

                   16)—My father just died     Lk 9-60

                            Wait until my father dies

d                 17)—Being sarcastic     Lk 16-9  verses

                            Being clever

                   18)—Kingdom of God is in your spirit     Lk 17-21        Act 2,41-43

                            Kingdom of God is standing in front of you

                   19)—Escape through the rapture     Lk 21-36

                            Escape through endurance

e                 20)—Zeal will consume my heart     Jn 2-17  verses

                            Zeal will consume my body

                   21)—Jesus confounds the religious leaders     Jn 9-39

                            Jesus heals their blindness

                   21a)—The new self -- Holy Spirit dwelling in the believer        Eph 4,22-24

                                                     -- The person we are destined to become  

                   22)—Natural life     Jn 10-10

                            Eternal life

f                  23)—Jesus     Jn 7-18  verses

                            His people

                   24)—We are gods as created in His image     Jn 10,34-36

                            Jesus is God’s Son as the creator of any so-called god

                   25)—Lazarus is in a state of hibernation

                            Lazarus is dead     Jn 11-11

g                 26)—Glorified by the church     Jn 12-32  verses

                             Lifted up on a cross

                   27)—Not all of your body     Jn 13-10

                             Not all of the body of Christ

                   28)—What is truth?     Jn 18-38

                             There is no truth!

h                 29)—Groping for our creator     Act 17-26,27  verses

                              Groping for our redeemer

                   30)—Alive in my soul     Rom 7-9

                             Alive in my conscience

                   31)—Life of the resurrection     Rom 8-11

                              Life of the anointing

i                  32)—Knowledge of the written word     1Cor 2-16  verses
                            Knowledge of the heavenly word



paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                 33)—Being sarcastic as seen through the eyes of the world     1Cor 4,8-10  verses
                              Rebuking the church for being carnally minded     2Cor 12-13
                   34)—Operating kingdom principles     1Cor 9,24-27
                             Conducting spiritual warfare

b                 35)—See ourselves through the reflection of God’s word  verses

                             Purge the sin from our lives     1Cor 11-31

                   36)—Prophecies are subject to interpretation     1Cor 14-32
                             Spirit of prophesy is subject to the one who prophesies
                   37)—Going from the flesh to the Spirit     Gal 4,1-7,21-31
                             Going from bondage to freedom
c                 38)—The second coming     Col 3,1-4             2The 2-1,8         Tit 2,11-14      verses

                            End time revival           1Jn 2-28               1Jn 3-2               Lk 13-34,35

                                                                  Act 15,13-19        1The 3-12,13
                   39)—My clear conscience ministers to Christ
                            The way to a clear conscience     Rom 13,12-14        2Tim 1-3
                   40)—Unable to enter because of unbelief     Heb 3-18,19
                             Unable to enter because of disobedience   4,1-11
d                 41)—Jesus humbles Himself in obedience to the point of death  verses

                            Church dies to self, is resurrected and defeats her enemies     Heb 10,1-13
                   42)—Could not bear the sound of the words     Heb 12-19,20
                            Could not bear the meaning of the words
                   43)—Forgot what kind of person he is in the Spirit     Jm 1-24
                            Forgot what the word is creating in his soul
e                 44)—Rich people of the world     Jm 1-10,11  verses
                            Rich people of the church     Jm 5,1-6
                   45)—Judged for complaining     Jm 5-9
                            Judged for the sins of your brother who you are complaining about
                   46)—They do not acknowledge Jesus as God in human flesh     1Jn 4-2,3
                            They do not acknowledge Him defeating sin in human flesh     2Jn-7

f                  47)—Killing the offspring of the Jezebel spirit  verses
                            Abortion     Rev 2-23
                   48)—The blood of Jesus was trodden outside the city     Rev 14,14-20
                            The world substituted their own blood in place of Christ
                   49)—The beast whose fatal wound was healed     Rev 17-8
                            The sinful nature of man
                   50)—Second coming of Jesus Christ     Rev 19,11-14
                            How God answers prayer

g                 51) Born of water—Natural birth     Jn 3-5  verses

                                               —The word of God

                    52) At home in the body—Alive in mortal flesh     2Cor 5,6-8
                                                          —Comfortable in mortal flesh
                    53) Earthly—Tiller of the ground

                                     —Worldly     1Cor 15-47,48

h                  54) Seed—Money     2Cor 9-10  verses

                                   —Good works

                    55) Severed from—Undeserved favor     Gal 5-4,5

                                                 —Undeserved power

                    56) Opportunity—To sin     Gal 5-13
                                             —To abuse the anointing     1Pet 2-16



Paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                  57) Prisoner—In jail     Eph 3-1         Eph 6-20  verses
                                        —Of God’s will     Eph 4-1
                    58) Church shall leave—The law (her tutor)     Eph 5-31,32        Gal 3,22-25
                                                        —The world (her tyrant)

                    59) Waiting for a savior—To come back spiritually     Phi 3-20,21

                                                          —To come back physically

b                  60) Complete—You are a whole member of the body

                                         —You have a part in the deity of Christ

                                            1Cor 6-16,17   Col 2-9,10  1Jn 3-1  verses
                    61) Certificate of debt—Law of commandments     Rom 3-24,25
                                                        —Records of our past             Col 3-14
                    62) Vessel—Your body     1The 4-4
                                     —Your wife
c                  63) Asleep—Dead physically     1The 5-10  verses

                                     —Dead spiritually
                    64) Author—Paul or John     1Tim 3-14,15         3Jn-13,14
                                    —Jesus     2Jn-12
                    65) Author—Paul     Ph 10-22
                                    —Jesus Christ 
d                  66) Perfect—Inherent quality     Heb 5-9  verses
                                     —Maturing process
                    67) Outer tabernacle—Jesus’ body     Heb 9-8,17,27
                                                     —Our bodies
                    67a) Destroy the murderers and set their city on fire—Israel

                                                      Mat 22,1-10                                 —The false church

                    68) Shutting off the kingdom—Rich oppressing the poor     Jm 2,1-7
                                                                  —Church oppressing the poor

e                 69) Futile way of life—Inherited sin     1Pet 1-18  verses

                                                   —Personal choice

                    70) Jesus Christ—God and also our savior     Tit 2-13         2Pet 1-1
                                              —Our God who is also our savior
                    71) The water of anointing

                            —God’s bitter revenge for sin fell on men and they died     Rev 8-10,11
                            —God’s purifying vision fell on bitter men and they died to self

f                   72a) God’s people give birth to Christ  verses

                            — Israel (to Bethlehem’s baby)  

                            — Church (to His second coming)    Rev 12,1-10

                    72b) The dragon—King Herod     Mat 2,16-23

                                               —Satan     Rev 12,1-10

g                  73) Temple of the Holy Spirit from which God judges the world  verses

                            —God’s temple in heaven

                            —Temple of our bodies     Rev 15-8

                    74) Babylon — Capital city of the abominations of the earth     Rev 17-5

                                       —Home town of the Jezebel spirit          Rev 18,15-21

h                  75) Quickly — Soon     Rev 22-7,12,20


                    76) The dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God

                                — Those who are dead in sin to be born again       Jn 5-24,25

                                — Those who are physically dead at the first resurrection

i                  77) God's judgment is prophesied to fall for persecuting His prophets    verses

                                 — On Jesus

                                 — On the nation of Israel    Mat 23,29-36        Lk 11,46-54

                                 — On the whole world in the last days

                    78) The rulers of this age do not understand the wisdom of God

                                — Human authorities  1Cor 2,6-8

                                — Principalities and powers of the spiritual realm

j                   79) A new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells  verses

                                — Righteous people will dwell in the new creation

                                — Righteousness will dwell in the fabric of creation   2Pet 3-13

                    80) God will show Paul how much he must suffer

                                — As a consequence of preaching the gospel        Act 9-15,16

                                — As a recompense for persecuting His church

                    81) We cannot stop speaking what we have seen and heard

                                — We are addicted to preaching the gospel            Act 4-19,20

                                — We are mandated to preaching the gospel





Paradox -- Anomalies / Being Clever    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


II) ANOMALIES (Departure from the general rule)

        A) BEING CLEVER MAT 10-16

                    1) Responding With Wisdom To Your Enemies

a                         a) Outwit your enemies  verses

                                    Mat 10-16           Mat 22,15-22,31-46         2Cor 11,7-13

                                    1Cor 1,18-29             21,23-27                    Eph 4-26,27

                                    Act 9,22-25         2Tim 4-14,15                    Mk 11,27-33

b                         b) Lie to your enemies  verses

                                    Jn 2,18-21         Jn 10,30-38         2Cor 12-16

                                    Jn 7,1-10

c                         c) Cheat on your enemies  verses

                                    Mat 13-44         Mat 17-27         Lk 16,3-9

                    2) Being Careful What You Say

d                         a) Answer with wisdom  verses

                                    Mk 7,25-29         Lk 2-46,47         Jn 18-33,34

                                          15-4,5           Jn 8,1-11

e                         b) Keep your mouth shut  verses

                                    Mat 27,11-14         2Cor 12-6         Tit 2-8

                                    Act 23-22

f                   3) Lure in your prey  verses

                                Lk 5-10                 Act 26-31,32           Col 4-5,6

                                Jn 4,7-19,39         Rom 11-11             1The 2,9-12

                                Act 25,9-12          1Cor 9,12-23          Heb 10-24

g                  4) Maintaining a blameless reputation  verses

                                Act 19-37               2Cor 8-19,20         1Pet 2-11,12,15

                                       21,20-26         Eph 5-3                            3-7           


h                  5) Do not commit yourself too hastily  verses

                                Jn 2-24,25          1Tim 5-22         2Jn-10,11

                                Rom 14-16         1Jn 4-1              3Jn-7

i                   6) Taking advantage of the circumstances  verses

                                Jn 6,16-25         Act 22,22-29         Act 23,6-10

                                Act 16,36-40

j                   7) Let the Holy Spirit vindicate you  verses

                                Mat 9,4-6         Mk 2,5-13         1Cor 2,3-5

k                  8) Making no provisions for the flesh  verses

                                Jn 6-15         2Cor 9-5         Gal 2,2-5

l                   9) Grow up  verses

                                1Cor 13-11         1Cor 14-20         Eph 5,15-17

        B) RIGHTEOUS DECEPTION (pure but hidden motive) 2The 2-11,12

                  1) God Is Deceptive

                       a) Deceiving unbelievers

n                                     I- Jesus deceives the lost  verses

                                                Mat 23,32-36         Jn 4,16-18         Jn 10,30-39
                                                       26-53                    7,1-10                12-47,48
                                                Jn 2-18,19                   9,39-41          Mk 14-58

o                                     II- God deceives the world  verses
                                                1Cor 1,26-29         Rev 10-9,10         Rev 17-16,17
                                                2The 2-11,12         Act 27,9-31                  12,12-14




Paradox -- Anomalies / Righteous deception    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                          b) Jesus deceives His people  verses
                                    Lk 24,15-19         Jn 13,8-11         Jn 21-4
                                    Jn 6-5,6                     20-15            Rev 5,1-5
                           c) God deceives His people

                                    1Cor 10,1-5        Heb 7-14
                  2) Church Is Deceptive
                          a) Church deceives unbelievers
b                                     I- God’s people deceive their enemies  verses
                                                Act 23,6-10         Act 26-31,32         Rom 12-20
                                                       25,9-12               28-19               Act 24-17
c                                     II- God’s people deceive the world  verses
                                                Mat 13-44         Jn 1-21         Rom 11-11,14
                          b) Church deceives believers

d                                     I- God’s people deceive each other  verses

                                                Jn 11-28,29         1Cor 9,11-23         2Cor 12-15,16
                                                1Cor 4,8-16         2Cor 11,7-12         1The 2,9-12

                                        II- God’s people deceive Jesus     Mat 21-30

        C) SARCASM  LK 16-9

                  1) Going to extremes

e                         a) Exaggerate the truth to make a point  verses

                                    Mat 11,7-9         Mat 18-8,9         1Cor 13,1-3

                                            23-24         2Cor 11-8           Jd-23

                                    Jn 21-25            Gal 1-8

f                          b) Minimize the truth to make a point  verses

                                    Mk 6-37          Tit 1-12,13         Rev 3-18
                                    2Cor 5-3         1Pet 4-3
                  2) Being Pretentious

g                         a) Pretending to be stupid  verses

                                    Jn 12-27            1Cor 9-9         1Cor 10-22

                                    Rom 3,3-9         2Cor 11-1,4,7,19-21

h                         b) Ignoring the truth to convey the truth  verses

                                    Mat 26-24,25         Rom 9,1-3         Phi 3-4
                                    Lk 15-29                 1Cor 15-8         Lk 1-62

                  3) Sarcastic From Being Emotional

i                          a) Sarcastic from being frustrated  verses

                                    Jn 3-4         Jn 18-38         1Cor 4-8,10


j                          b) Sarcastic from being angry  verses

                                    Jn 9-27         2Cor 10-1         2Cor 12-13

                                    Rom 2,17-24

                  4) Addressing The Fool

k                         a) Answering a fool according to his folly  verses

                                    Jn 10-32 J        Jn 18-33,34         2Pet 2-15,16

l                          b) Scoffing at the wicked  verses

                                    Lk 12-52,53         Lk 16-9         Jm 1-10

                                    Rev 2-24

m                       c) Scoffing at false doctrine     1Pet 3-21  verse







Paradox -- Anomalies / Limits of God    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)



        D) LIMITS OF GOD  HEB 11-6

                  Note: the Scriptures do not testify of God liking or disliking anything. He is 

                  only capable of love and hate. There are no verses of example on this.

                  1) God Cannot Tolerate Sin

                       a) God cannot tolerate unbelief

a                                     I- God cannot allow unbelief in His presence  verses

                                                Mat 7-23              Lk 11,37-54         2The 2,8-12

                                                       22,7-14         Jn 11-30               Rev 21-27

                                                Rev 16-18,19

b                                     II- impossible to please God without faith  verses

                                                Lk 9-41         Gal 5,3-5         Heb 11-6

c                          b) God has limited patience  verses

                                    Lk 13,6-9,24-28         Jn 2,13-17              1Cor 5,3-5,9-13
                                         14,16-24                Act 13,6-12                      10,5-11
                                         19,45-48                Rom 11,17-24        2The 3-6,10-15
d                         c) God cannot help but judge sin  verses

                                    Lk 10,10-16             Gal 5,19-21         1The 5,1-3

                                    1Cor 11,27-30         1The 2,14-16

e                         d) God cannot sin    Jm 1-13         1Jn 3-9   verses

                           e) God cannot lie    Tit 1-2         Heb 6-18

f                 2) God cannot directly violate the will of man  verses

                            Rom 1,21-32         Heb 10,26-31,37-39        1Jn 5-16

                            Heb 6-6                  2Pet 2,1-22                       Rev 14,9-11

g                3) God cannot forgive through the blood of bulls and goats     Heb 10-4  verses

                  4) God cannot deny Himself     2Tim 2-13

                  5) God cannot die     Act 2-24

                  6) God cannot save the reprobate  Heb 6,4-6

        E) WEAKNESS OF GOD 1Cor 1-25

                  1) God Subjects Himself To Human Frailty

h                         a) His weakness is stronger than men  verses

                                    Jn 20,28-30           2Cor 12,5-11          Heb 2,9-18

                                    Rom 1-16                        13-3,4,9         1Jn 4-2,3

                                    1Cor 1,25-31         2Tim 4-3                 Rev 5-5,6


i                          b) His weakness makes Him small compared to men  verses

                                    Mat 11-6         2Cor 8-9         Gal 6-14

                                    1Cor 4-10                11,7-15,23-30

j                 2) Foolishness of God  verses

                            Mk 8-38         1Cor 3,18-23         2Cor 8-9

                            Act 16-28                4,9-16                     11,1-3,10-12

                            1Cor 1,18-27         15-19                       12-11,12,20,21


        F) GOD HELPS SATAN MAT 4-1

k                1) God’s judgments accomplish the devil’s will  verses

                            Jn 3,18-20              Eph 5,3-7              2Pet 2,1-3,10-12

                                 6,43-45,65        1The 2,14-16         Rev 6,1-8

                            1Cor 11,27-32                5,1-3                      9,1-12

l                 2) Jesus blinds the world  verses
                            Jn 9,39-41          Jn 14-19,22-24         2The 2-11,12
                                 12-39,40        Act 13-11



Paradox -- Anomalies / God Helps Satan    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                3) Jesus answers the devil’s prayer  verses
                            Mat 8-31,32         Lk 22-31         Rev 20,7-10
                            Lk 8-31,32
b                4) God gives people over to Satan  verses
                            Rom 1,24-32         1Cor 5,3-5         1Tim 4-2

                            Lk 12-58,59           Jn 8-31,37-44
c                5) God unites Satan’s efforts to make war with Jesus  verses
                            Rev 16-12         Rev 17-17
                  6) God leads His son into temptation by the devil

                             Mat 4-1        Lk 4,1-13

                  7) God gives the devil a mouth to curse the Lord     Rev 13-5,6
d               1) Jesus divides a society along it’s natural fault lines  verses
                            Jn 7,40-43         Jn 10,19-21         Act 23,6-10
e               2) Jesus brings division instead of peace  verses
                            Mat 26-31         Act 17,2-5         Act 24-5
                            Act 14-4
f                3) Families break up because of faith in Christ  verses
                            Mat 10,34-36         Mk 13-12         Lk 12,51-53

                            Lk 11-19
         H) SATAN BRINGS UNITY LK 23-12
g               1) Satan unites the world for the cause of persecution  verses
                            Mat 26-47,57               Lk 23-12         Act 18,11-13
                                   27-1,2,17-31         Act 7-56,57           21-30
                            Mk 7-1                          Rev 11-9,10
h               2) Satan unites the world for the cause of deception  verses
                            Act 19-29,34         2Tim 3,1-5          Rev 19-19
                            2The 2,3-12          Rev 16-13,14,16        20,7-10

                            Rev 17,3-11          Lk 21-7,8
i        I) SATAN GLORIFIES GOD  verses
                 Mat 18-34,35            Act 19,13-20         1Tim 1-20
                 Lk 22-31,32              1Cor 5-5                 Heb 2,14-18
                 Jn 13-18,23-27         2Cor 12-7              Rev 2,8-11

                 Rev 17,10-18