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                            2COR 6,8-10





        See Chapter Outline

        See other paradoxes



        A) IRONIES OF THE BIBLE   2C0R 6,8-10 
                  1) Ironies Pertaining to Life And Death
a                         a) Die in order to live  verses
                                    Mat 10-39          Rom 7,4-6            2Cor 6-9
                                    Rom 6,1-4         2Cor 5-14,15        2Tim 2-11
                                    2Cor 4,10-12,16-18
b                         b) Death cannot hurt you  verses
                                    Lk 21,16-18         Rev 2-10          Rev 14-13
                                         24-5                         12-11               15-2
                                    2Tim 4-18
c                         c) Die trying to live  verses
                                    Mat 8-21,22         1Tim 5-6         Rev 3-1
                                    Rom 7,7-13
d                         d) Dying more than once     Jn 12,9-11  verses
                           e) Life died     Act 3-15  
                            f) Jesus’ death is our life     Jn 6-51  
                  2) Pertaining to Freedom And Bondage
e                         a) It takes one to know one  verses
                                    Jn 7,47-49      Rom 2-1         Rom 14-1
f                          b) Slaves are free/free are slaves  verses
                                    1Cor 7-22,23         2Cor 4-5         Col 3-11

g                         c) Preaching freedom in bondage  verses

                                    Act 26-28,29         1Cor 9,16-21         Eph 4-1

                           d) Definition of freedom is bondage     Mat 27-2  

h                         e) Blind discernment     Lk 6-41,42  verse

                   3) Contradicting Your Own Standards

i                          a) Making accusations against things you believe in  verses

                                    Jn 11-21,22         Act 26,5-8         Rom 14-22,23

                                    Act 24,14-16              13-27

j                          b) Believing in something you don’t understand  verses

                                    Act 17-22,23         Act 19,32-34        2The 2,1-8

                                    1Cor 15-10

                           c) Being accused by someone you believe in     

                                    Jn 5,45-47

                                    Jn 7-28,29

                   4) This is what I Used To Think
k                         a) I thought the devil liked darkness     2Pet 2-4  verses

                           b) I thought sinners liked darkness     Jd-13         Rev 16-10,11  

                           c) I thought sinners liked bitterness     Rev 8-10,11  

                   5) The law was made for sinners

l                         a) Sinners follow after the law    Gal 5-3 4         1Tim 1,9-11  verses

                          b) Judging the law by sinning against it     Jm 4-11,12  

m               6) God is made strong in our weakness  verses

                              1Cor 2,3-5         2Cor 3-5         2Cor 11-30

                              2Cor 1,8-10                4-7                   12,5-11





Paradox -- Opposites / Ironies    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                7) Unbelief in the presence of the power of God  verses
                              Mat 27-11         Act 12,12-16         Jn 12,37-43
b                8) Ignorant people wanting to teach  verses
                              Lk 6-39        Rom 2,17-24         1Tim 1-7

                             2Tim 3,7-9
                  9) Godly vindication     Mat 26-63
c                10) Dark light     Mat 6-23  verses
                  11a) Requesting blood be on their own hands     Mat 27-25

                  11b) Disobedience fulfilled the Scriptures    Lk 22,36-38,45-51
                  12) Weak faith     Mat 17-20
d                13) More left over scraps than the initial amount     Mk 8,6-9  verses

                  14) Concerned about their needs when the provider of sparrows

                        is aboard their ship     Mk 8,14-21
e                15a) Demanding permission     Lk 22-31  verses
                  15b) The prisoner is in charge  Act 27-31

                  16) Creation does not know its creator     Jn 1-10
                  17) Worshipping the flesh     Jn 6,15-17,22-36         Act 14-18,19
f                 18) Knowing Jesus but not the Father     Jn 7-28,29  verses
                  19) Pupil instructing the teacher     Jn 9,26-34
                  20) A few words shy of the kingdom     Lk 23-3    Jn 18-33,34

g                21) If repentance is a blessing, why do we need to be coerced?  verses

                                Act 3-26         Act 11-21

                  22) The difference between our prayer meetings and God’s
                        prayer meetings     Act 16,13-18,25,29
h                23) Not much respect for someone with world renown     Act 17-5,6  verses
                  24) From motives of financial gain to religious conviction     Act 19,23-29
i                 25) Ignoring the word of God to find the will of God     Act 21,9-14  verses
                  26) You cannot please people who have predetermined that
                        you are wrong     Act 21,23-40
j                 27) Saved by the blood from the wrath of God     Rom 5-9  verses
                  28) Freedom with fences   Rom 6-18         Eph 4-3
k                29) Contrast of two natures     Rom 7-21        Rom 16-19,20  verses
                  30) Law entices us to sin     Rom 7-5,8-11
                  31) Man’s vengeance makes the other sinner less guilty of
                          the initial crime     Rom 12-20,21
l                 32) Do not let that which is a good thing be spoken of as evil  verses

                          Rom 14-16         1Cor 8-1,11
                  33) Seeking victory for a defeated cause     1Cor 6-1,7,8,12
m               34) Be mature and run     1Cor 10,13-15  verses
                  35) As having nothing yet possessing all things

                            2Cor 6-10         Phi 4-12

n                36) As sorrowful yet always rejoicing     2Cor 6-9  verses

                  37) Punish disobedience after you desire to obey     2Cor 10-6

                  38) Seal of apostleship exceeds the commitment of the false apostle 

                            2Cor 11,12-15

o                39) Boasting in the flesh to glorify God     2Cor 11-17,18  verses

                  40) The more I love the less I am loved     2Cor 12-15

                  41) Trying to be spiritual through the flesh     Gal 3,2-7

                  42) Knowing the unknowable     Eph 3-19




Paradox -- Opposites / Ironies    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                43) Image of the invisible God     Col 1-15  verses

                  44) Working the grace of God     2Tim 2-1

                  45) Teaching bond-slaves how to be good servants     Tit 2-9

b                46) Be diligent to enter His rest     Heb 4-1,2,6,11  verses

                  47) A flawless God mandating a covenant with flaws     Heb 8-7,8

                  48) Forgetting who you are     Jm 1,22-25

c                49) Faith without works (mental ascent)     Jm 2,14-20,26  verses

                  50) Blessing God and cursing men who are made in the image of God     Jm 3,7-9

d                51) Desires that keep you from what you want     Jm 4-1,2  verses

                  52) People who sin in the likeness of demons     2Pet 2,10-12

                  53) Darkness exposes itself by its own response     1Cor 7-35        1Jn 4-6

e                54) No one has beheld God at any time...except us     1Jn 4-12,14  verses

                  55) Wolves creeping in who have been long beforehand marked out for 

                          destruction, are not very sneaky     Jd-4,12,13

f                 56) Love/hate relationship     Jd-23  verses

                  57) What does the voice of Jesus look like?     Rev 1-2,12

                  58) Deep things of Satan     Rev 2-24

g                59) As Jesus opens His door the church close theirs     Rev 3-7,8,20  verses

                  60) God sits on a throne that is standing     Rev 4-2

h                61) People who are trying to preserve the earth are the same ones  verses

                          who will destroy it     Rev 11-18        Rev 12-15,16

                  62) Looked like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon     Rev 13-11

i                 63) Sounded either like thunder or harps     Rev 14-2  verses

                  64) If you trample on the cross, He who hung on it will trample on you

                              Rev 14,14-20

j                  65) He carried me away like lust does to show me what lust is     Rev 17-2,3  verses

                   66) Life judges death     Rev 20-12

                   67) Fulfilling your own prophecy  Jn 11,49-53     Jn 18,12-14



                   1) Lose By Gaining  Mat 16-25,26

                       a) Gain the world to lose your soul

k                                 I- he who saves his life shall lose it  verses

                                            Mat 10-39                          Mk 8,35-38         Lk 17-33

                                                   16-25,26                     Lk 9,24-26          Jn 12-24,25

                                            Heb 10,26-31,37-39        Heb 6,4-8            Heb 12,15-17

l                                  II- live this life to Lose eternal life  verses

                                            Lk 16,9-31         Gal 6-7,8         Jm 5,1-6

                                            Mat 25,24-30,41-46

                       b) Lose God by gaining your own way

m                               I- losing God’s will by gaining your own will  verses

                                            Lk 14,16-24         1Cor 6-1,4-10         Phi 2-3,4,20,21

                                                 15,11-16                   7,32-38          2Tim 2-12

                                            Act 24,24-27

n                                 II- losing the truth by gaining religion  verses

                                            Lk 3-7           Gal 5,1-4         2Tim 4-3,4

                                            Act 1,21-26         6-12,13





Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Lose By Gaining    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                        c) Gain your idea of wealth to lose God’s wealth  verses

                                    Act 5,1-11         1The 4-8             Tit 1-7
                                    1Cor 4-8           1Tim 3-8,9          Jm 1,6-8,10,11
                                    Gal 3,1-7           2Tim 3,6-9         Rev 21-8,27
                                    Phi 2-16            Rev 3,1-3,11,15-18
b                         d) Lose your place by seeking the first place  verses
                                    Mat 19-30         Lk 11-43               2Pet 2,1-22
                                    Mk 12-7            Act 12,21-23         3Jn-9,10

                   2) Kingdom Of God Is Opposite of The World System

                      a) He who humbles himself shall be exalted

c                                 I- humble yourself to be chosen of God  verses

                                            1Cor 1,18-29          Jm 1-9         1Pet 5-5,6         

                                                      12,22-26              4-10

d                                 II- humble yourself to be used of God  verses

                                            1Cor 9,2-6                   Heb 2-9,10         Heb 11,24-29

                                            Phi 2,3-11,29,30         Rev 5,6-14

e                                III- humble yourself as a defensive strategy  verses

                                            Rom 12,14-21         Heb 10-12,13         Heb 12-1,2 

                                            2Cor 12,5-11

f                                 IV- humble yourself for the right motives  verses

                                            Mat 18,1-4         Mat 23-12         1Pet 3-7

                      b) Less your flesh lives the more your spirit lives

g                                 I- seek God’s life by subduing your flesh  verses

                                            Mat 16,24-26         Lk 14,26-32                   2Cor 4,10-12,16-18
                                            Mk 8,34-38            Jn 12,23-25                    2Tim 2-11

                                            Lk 9,24-26             Rom 6,1-11,16-22         1Pet 3-18

h                                 II- he must increase, but I must decrease  verses

                                            Jn 3-30                            Rom 8,4-13         Heb 11,35-38

                                            1Cor 15-36,42-49         1Pet 4-1,2,5,6


i                          c) Last is first and the first is last  verses

                                    Mat 19-30            Col 1-18                 Rev 14-4

                                            20,8-16        Rev 1-17,18           1Cor 15,8-10

                                    Mk 10-31                     2-8                  Rev 22-13                       

                                    Rev 21-6              Phi 2,5-11

j                          d) He who exalts himself shall be humbled  verses

                                    Lk 14,7-11                Jm 5,1-6         Rev 19,17-19
                                    1Cor 12-15,16         3Jn-9,10

k                         e) Least are greatest  verses

                                    Mat 11-11,25         Mk 4-31,32                 Eph 3-8

                                           20,25-28         Lk 7-28                        Heb 2,5-18

                                           23-11              Jn 13,3-17,23-26                7-7

                                    1Cor 1,26-31        Lk 9-10,11,22-26        Lk 16,19-31

l                          f) Greatest are least  verses

                                    Mk 9,33-37           Lk 9,46-48         1Cor 4,8-16 

                                    Mk 10,35-45         Lk 22,24-30       Lk 16,19-31


m                3) The poor in spirit are rich in faith  verses

                            Mat 5-3               Heb 11-26         Jm 2-5

                            Lk 6-20,21         Jm 1-9                Jn 4-9,15-18,27-29

                            Rom 12-3




Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Kingdom VS World Concepts    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                   4) The rich are poor  verses

                                1Tim 6,17-19         Jm 1-10,11         Jm 5,3-6

                                Gal 2-6

b                   5) Jesus destroyed death to give us life  verses
                                2Tim 1-10         Heb 2-14,17         Heb 10-19,20
                     6) Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good

                                Rom 12-21         1The 5-15
                     7) World’s perspective versus God’s perspective
                                1Cor 4,6-16         Eph 4-18        Jm 2-18,24
c                   8) Humble yourself and God will exalt your brother  verses
                                2Cor 11-7,8         2Cor 13-9
                     9) Vision impairs sight, but the blind can see
                                Jn 9,39-41         Act 9-2,4-6,8         Act 22-11

                                Lk 5-31,32
                   10a) The more you love the less you fear
                                Lk 1-30        2Cor 7,4-6         1Jn 4-18

                   10b)  The more you fear the less you love    Mat 24-12
d                 11) Friend of the world is an enemy of God  verses
                                Eph 2,1-3         Jm 4-4         1Jn 2,15-17
                   12) God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble

                                Lk 1,51-53         Lk 6,24-26         Lk 18-14

                                1Pet 5-5
                   13) World’s wisdom versus God’s wisdom
                                2Cor 13-7         Jm 3,13-18
e                 14) World hates what God loves and God hates what the world loves  verses

                                Jn 16-20         Phi 3-7,8
                   15) What is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God

                                Lk 16-15
                   16) More glory you receive from men, the less you seek of God     Jn 5-43,44
f                  17) To be at home in the body is to be absent from the Lord, and to be absent

                          from the body is to be present with the Lord     Lk 16-22        2Cor 5,6-8  verses
                   18) Making enemies by telling the truth     Gal 4-16,17
                   19) Lesser is blessed by the greater     Heb 7-1,7-9
g                 20) We become rich through His poverty     2Cor 8-9  verses

                   21) Crucified in weakness, but He lives by the power of God     2Cor 13-4
                   22) Jesus died to give us life     Jn 6-53,54,57
h                 23) More faith, less sin / more sin, less faith     Rom 14-23  verses
                   24) More truth you know, the less bondage you accept     1Tim 4-3

                   25) More you love righteousness, the less your enemies can harm you

                            1Pet 3-13,14

                   26) The God of peace will crush Satan under our feet    Rom 16-20


i                  26) More you profess wisdom, the less you have of it  verses
                                Mat 11-25         Rom 1-22         1Cor 3-18
                   27) Less I have the more I receive / my abundance is a Supply for their need

                                2Cor 8,13-15         Phi 4,16-19
j                  28) Crown of life is awarded to those who die to self     Rev 2-10  verses
                   29) Unable to endure hearing the word of God, how much
                          less are they able to do it     2Tim 4-3,4        Heb 12,18-20
                   30) Act of love that has no semblance to love     Jn 11-5,6
k                 31) Submit to God and resist the devil     Jm 4-7  verses
                   32) More you sin the less tendency you have to repent     Jn 3-20





Paradox -- Opposites that are inverse / Contrast Between Wisdom and Folly    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                 33) Master becomes the servant     Jn 13-4,5  verses
                   34) World takes the kingdom of God by force     Act 23-10

                 34b) Jesus is judge of all the earth but refuses to be an arbitrator  Lk 12,13-15 
                   35) Your actions before and after the presence of Jesus     Jn 20,24-29
b                 36) Jesus’ second coming is similar to His ascension     Act 1-10,11  verses
                   37) It is more blessed to give than to receive     Act 20-35
                   38) From being condemned to death to being worshipped     Act 28,3-6
c                 39) From being worshipped to being stoned     Act 14,13-15,19  verses
                   40) A blameless reputation preaching an unpopular gospel     Act 28,20-22,25-29
                   41) Light of the truth is more brilliant around deception     Rom 3,5-8
d                 42) Sinful nature is responsible, not me     Rom 7,14-25  verses
                   43) God endures the lost for the sake of the elect     Rom 9-22,23
                   44) Gentiles seek wisdom, but the Jews have it; Jews seek
                          righteousness, but the Gentiles have it     Rom 9,30-32        Rom 11,5-12
e                 45) You do not support the root; the root supports you     Rom 11,17-24  verses
                   46) Jews are enemies of God for the Gentiles sake, but are
                          beloved for the sake of the fathers     Rom 11-28        Heb 2-16
                   47) We have been shown mercy because of their disobedience,
                          now they will be shown mercy because of us     Rom 11-30,31
f                  48) Accepting the weak to judge their opinions     Rom 14-1  verses
                   49) The less honor they seem, the more honor we deem     1Cor 12,23-25
                   50) The more we exalt Jesus, the less significant we become     2Cor 4-5
g                 51) Old covenant versus the new covenant     Heb 10-8,9,28,29  verses
                   52) To seek and not find     Heb 11-13
                   53) Jesus becomes sin that we might obtain His righteousness    Lk 22,41-44    2Cor 5-21
h                 54) Shut you out that you might seek them     Gal 4-17  verses
                   55) More you pray the less anxious you are     Phi 4-6,7,11,12
                   56) More peace and safety they profess, the less there is     1The 5-3,4
i                  57) Hold me responsible for any inconvenience, while you  verses
                          owe me your entire lives     Ph-18,19
                   58) More it rains the less productive the ground     Heb 6-7,8

         C) TWO IMPLIED MEANINGS Jn 2-19
j                   1)—The temple building            Mat 26,59-61         Mk 15-29,30         Jn 2-19  verses
                            The temple of His body     Mk 14-58
                    2)—Good things     Mk 4-24         1Cor 5,6-8
                            Bad things
k                  3)—Only God is good     Mk 10-18         Lk 18-19  verses
                            Jesus is God
                    4)—Are you the king of the Jews?     Mk 15-2        Jn 18-33,34
                            You are the king of the Jews!     

l                   5)—The Lord is warning Paul     Act 21,11-14,30-40  verses

                            The Lord is promising Paul     Act 26-29

                    6)—Introduced to salvation     Rom 5-2         Gal 3-13,14
                            Introduced to the kingdom of God
m                 7)—Literally die and partake of the first resurrection  verses
                            Die to self to receive the anointing     Rom 6-5,8         Heb 9-27
                    8)—False light is self-deception     Mat 6-22,23
                            False light is religion


Paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                  9)—Jesus is the kingdom and violent men hung Him on a tree  verses
                            Church protects the kingdom from their own flesh     Mat 11-12
                   10)—Spirit of Elijah is coming     Mat 17,10-12        Lk 1-17
                            John the Baptist was like Elijah

                   11)—Enmity – enmity between Jew and gentile (anti-Semitism)
                                            – enmity between man and God    Eph 2,14-16

b                 12)—Your sins are forgiven     Mk 2-5        Lk 5,18-26        Jm 5-14,15
                            You are healed                                 verses
                   13)—Supply the needs of the people     Mk 6-37
                            Give them what I supply to you

c                 14)—Literally cut off your hand if it causes you to sin  verses

                            Commit yourself to this extent and you will stop sinning     Mk 9,43-50

                   15)—You shall drink my cup and experience my baptism

                            Your cup and baptism are not like mine     Mk 10-39

                   16)—My father just died     Lk 9-60

                            Wait until my father dies

d                 17)—Being sarcastic     Lk 16-9  verses

                            Being clever

                   18)—Kingdom of God is in your spirit     Lk 17-21        Act 2,41-43

                            Kingdom of God is standing in front of you

                   19)—Escape through the rapture     Lk 21-36

                            Escape through endurance

e                 20)—Zeal will consume my heart     Jn 2-17  verses

                            Zeal will consume my body

                   21)—Jesus confounds the religious leaders     Jn 9-39

                            Jesus heals their blindness

                   21a)—The new self -- Holy Spirit dwelling in the believer        Eph 4,22-24

                                                     -- The person we are destined to become  

                   22)—Natural life     Jn 10-10

                            Eternal life

f                  23)—Jesus     Jn 7-18  verses

                            His people

                   24)—We are gods as created in His image     Jn 10,34-36

                            Jesus is God’s Son, creator of any so-called god

                   25)—Lazarus is in a state of hibernation

                            Lazarus is dead     Jn 11-11

g                 26)—Glorified by the church     Jn 12-32  verses

                             Lifted up on a cross

                   27)—Not all of your body     Jn 13-10

                             Not all of the body of Christ

                   28)—What is truth?     Jn 18-38

                             There is no truth!

h                 29)—Groping for our creator     Act 17-26,27  verses

                              Groping for our redeemer

                   30)—Alive in my soul     Rom 7-9

                             Alive in my conscience

                   31)—Life of the resurrection     Rom 8-11

                              Life of the anointing

i                  32)—Knowledge of the written word     1Cor 2-16  verses
                            Knowledge of the heavenly word



paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                 33)—Being sarcastic as seen through the eyes of the world     1Cor 4,8-10  verses
                              Rebuking the church for being carnally minded     2Cor 12-13
                   34)—Operating kingdom principles     1Cor 9,24-27
                             Conducting spiritual warfare

b                 35)—See ourselves through the reflection of God’s word  verses

                             Purge the sin from our lives     1Cor 11-31

                   36)—Prophecies are subject to interpretation     1Cor 14-32
                             Spirit of prophesy is subject to the one who prophesies
                   37)—Going from the flesh to the Spirit     Gal 4,1-7,21-31
                             Going from bondage to freedom
c                 38)—The second coming     Col 3,1-4               2The 2-1,8          Tit 2,11-14      verses

                            End time revival           1Jn 2-28               1Jn 3-2                  Lk 13-34,35

                                                                  Act 15,13-19        1The 3-12,13        Rev 8-10
                   39)—My clear conscience ministers to Christ
                            The way to a clear conscience     Rom 13,12-14        2Tim 1-3
                   40)—Unable to enter because of unbelief     Heb 3-18,19
                             Unable to enter because of disobedience   4,1-11
d                 41)—Jesus humbles Himself in obedience to the point of death  verses

                            Church dies to self, is resurrected and defeats her enemies     Heb 10,1-13
                   42)—Could not bear the sound of the words     Heb 12-19,20
                            Could not bear the meaning of the words
                   43)—Forgot what kind of person he is in the Spirit     Jm 1-24
                            Forgot what the word is creating in his soul
e                 44)—Rich people of the world     Jm 1-10,11  verses
                            Rich people of the church     Jm 5,1-6
                   45)—Judged for complaining     Jm 5-9
                            Judged for the sins of your brother who you are complaining about
                   46)—They do not acknowledge Jesus as God in human flesh     1Jn 4-2,3
                            They do not acknowledge Him defeating sin in human flesh     2Jn-7

f                  47)—Killing the offspring of the Jezebel spirit  verses
                            Abortion     Rev 2-23
                   48)—The blood of Jesus was trodden outside the city     Rev 14,14-20
                            The world substituted their own blood in place of Christ
                   49)—The beast whose fatal wound was healed     Rev 17-8
                            The sinful nature of man
                   50)—Second coming of Jesus Christ     Rev 19,11-14
                            How God answers prayer

g                 51) Born of water—Natural birth     Jn 3-5  verses

                                               —The word of God

                    52) At home in the body—Alive in mortal flesh     2Cor 5,6-8
                                                          —Comfortable in mortal flesh
                    53) Earthly—Tiller of the ground

                                     —Worldly     1Cor 15-47,48

h                  54) Seed—Money     2Cor 9-10  verses

                                   —Good works

                    55) Severed from grace—Undeserved favor     Gal 5-4,5

                                                             —Undeserved power

                    56) Opportunity—To sin     Gal 5-13
                                             —To abuse the anointing     1Pet 2-16



Paradox -- Opposites / Two Implied Meanings    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                  57) Prisoner—In jail     Eph 3-1         Eph 6-20  verses
                                        —Of God’s will     Eph 4-1
                    58) Church shall leave—The law (her tutor)     Eph 5-31,32        Gal 3,22-25
                                                        —The world (her tyrant)

                    59) Waiting for a savior—To come back spiritually     Phi 3-20,21

                                                          —To come back physically       Rev 8,2-6

b                  60) Complete—You are a whole member of the body  verses

                                           —You have a part in the deity of Christ

                                            1Cor 6-16,17   Col 2-9,10  1Jn 3-1  
                    61) Certificate of debt—Law of commandments     Rom 3-24,25
                                                        —Records of our past             Col 3-14
                    62) Vessel—Your body     1The 4-4
                                     —Your wife
c                  63) Asleep—Dead physically     1The 5-10  verses

                                     —Dead spiritually
                    64) Author—Paul or John     1Tim 3-14,15         3Jn-13,14        Rom 1-13
                                      —Jesus                2Jn-12                     1The 2-18                 15,23-33

                    65) Author—Paul     Ph 10-22
                                      —Jesus Christ 
d                  66) Perfect—Inherent quality     Heb 5-9  verses
                                       —Maturing process
                    67) Outer tabernacle—Jesus’ body     Heb 9-8,17,27
                                                       —Our bodies
                    67a) Destroy the murderers and set their city on fire—Israel

                                                      Mat 22,1-10                                 —The false church

                    68) Shutting off the kingdom—Rich oppressing the poor     Jm 2,1-7
                                                                    —Church oppressing the poor

e                 69) Futile way of life—Inherited sin     1Pet 1-18  verses

                                                   —Personal choice

                    70) Jesus Christ—God and also our savior     Tit 2-13         2Pet 1-1
                                              —Our God who is also our savior
                    71) The water of anointing

                            —God’s bitter revenge for sin fell on men and they died     Rev 8-10,11
                            —God’s purifying vision fell on bitter men and they died to self

f                   72a) God’s people give birth to Christ  verses

                            — Israel (to Bethlehem’s baby)  

                            — Church (to His second coming)    Rev 12,1-10

                    72b) The dragon—King Herod     Mat 2,16-23

                                               —Satan     Rev 12,1-10

g                  73) Temple of the Holy Spirit from which God judges the world  verses

                            —God’s temple in heaven

                            —Temple of our bodies     Rev 15-8

                    74) Babylon — Capital city of the abominations of the earth     Rev 17-5

                                       —Home town of the Jezebel spirit          Rev 18,15-21

                   75) Quickly — Soon     Rev 22-7,12,20


h                 76) The dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God

                                — Those who are dead in sin to be born again       Jn 5-24,25

                                — Those who are physically dead at the first resurrection

                 76a) Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's

                                — Their money        Mat 22,15-22

                                — Their people

i                  77) God's judgment is prophesied to fall for persecuting His prophets    verses

                                 — On Jesus

                                 — On the nation of Israel    Mat 23,29-36        Lk 11,46-54

                                 — On the whole world in the last days

                    78) The rulers of this age do not understand the wisdom of God

                                — Human authorities  1Cor 2,6-8

                                — Principalities and powers of the spiritual realm

j                   79) A new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells  verses

                                — Righteous people will dwell in the new creation

                                — Righteousness will dwell in the fabric of creation   2Pet 3-13

                    80) God will show Paul how much he must suffer

                                — As a consequence of preaching the gospel        Act 9-15,16

                                — As a recompense for persecuting His church

                    81) We cannot stop speaking what we have seen and heard

                                — We are addicted to preaching the gospel            Act 4-19,20

                                — We are mandated to preaching the gospel





Paradox -- Anomalies / Being Clever    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


II) ANOMALIES (Departure from the general rule)

        A) BEING CLEVER Mat 10-16

                    1) Responding With Wisdom To Your Enemies

a                         a) Outwit your enemies  verses

                                    Mat 10-16           Mat 22,31-46                    2Cor 11,7-13

                                    1Cor 1,18-29             21,23-27                    Eph 4-26,27

                                    Act 9,22-25         2Tim 4-14,15                    Mk 11,27-33

                                    Mk 12,12-17

b                         b) Lie to your enemies  verses

                                    Jn 2,18-21        Jn 7,1-10         Jn 10,30-38

c                         c) Cheat on your enemies  verses

                                    Mat 13-44         Mat 17-27         Lk 16,3-9

                    2) Being Careful What You Say

d                         a) Answer with wisdom  verses

                                    Mk 7,25-29         Lk 2-46,47         Jn 18-33,34

                                          15-4,5           Jn 8,1-11

e                         b) Keep your mouth shut  verses

                                    Mat 27,11-14         2Cor 12-6         Tit 2-8

                                    Act 23-22

f                   3) Lure in your prey  verses

                                Lk 5-10                 Act 26-31,32           Col 4-5,6

                                Jn 4,7-19,39         Rom 11-11             1The 2,9-12

                                Act 25,9-12          1Cor 9,12-23          Heb 10-24

g                  4) Maintaining a blameless reputation  verses

                                Act 19-37               2Cor 8-19,20         1Pet 2-11,12,15

                                       21,20-26         Eph 5-3                            3-7           


h                  5) Do not commit yourself too hastily  verses

                                Jn 2-24,25          1Tim 5-22         2Jn-10,11

                                Rom 14-16         1Jn 4-1              3Jn-7

i                   6) Taking advantage of the circumstances  verses

                                Jn 6,16-25         Act 22,22-29         Act 23,6-10

                                Act 16,36-40

j                   7) Let the Holy Spirit vindicate you  verses

                                Mat 9,4-6         Mk 2,5-13         1Cor 2,3-5

k                  8) Making no provisions for the flesh  verses

                                Jn 6-15         2Cor 9-5         Gal 2,2-5

l                   9) Grow up  verses

                                1Cor 13-11         1Cor 14-20         Eph 5,15-17

        B) RIGHTEOUS DECEPTION (pure but hidden motive) 2The 2-11,12

                  1) God Is Deceptive

                       a) Deceiving unbelievers

n                                     I- Jesus deceives the lost  verses

                                                Mat 23,32-36         Jn 4,16-18         Jn 10,30-39
                                                       26-53                    7,1-10                12-47,48
                                                Jn 2-18,19                   9,39-41          Mk 14-58

o                                     II- God deceives the world  verses
                                                1Cor 1,26-29         Rev 10-9,10         Rev 17-16,17
                                                2The 2-11,12         Act 27,9-31                  12,12-14




Paradox -- Anomalies / Righteous deception    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                          b) Jesus deceives His people  verses
                                    Lk 24,15-19         Jn 13,8-11         Jn 21-4
                                    Jn 6-5,6                     20-15            Rev 5,1-5
                           c) God deceives His people

                                    1Cor 10,1-5        Heb 7-14
                  2) Church Is Deceptive
                          a) Church deceives unbelievers
b                                     I- God’s people deceive their enemies  verses
                                                Act 23,6-10         Act 26-31,32         Rom 12-20
                                                       25,9-12               28-19               Act 24-17
c                                     II- God’s people deceive the world  verses
                                                Mat 13-44         Jn 1-21         Rom 11-11,14
                          b) Church deceives believers

d                                     I- God’s people deceive each other  verses

                                                Jn 11-28,29         1Cor 9,11-23         2Cor 12-15,16
                                                1Cor 4,8-16         2Cor 11,7-12         1The 2,9-12

                                        II- God’s people deceive Jesus     Mat 21-30

        C) SARCASM  Lk 16-9

                  1) Going to extremes

e                         a) Exaggerate the truth to make a point  verses

                                    Mat 11,7-9         Mat 18-8,9         1Cor 13,1-3

                                            23-24         2Cor 11-8           Jd-23

                                    Jn 21-25            Gal 1-8

f                          b) Minimize the truth to make a point  verses

                                    Mk 6-37          Tit 1-12,13         Rev 3-18
                                    2Cor 5-3         1Pet 4-3
                  2) Being Pretentious

g                         a) Pretending to be stupid  verses

                                    Jn 12-27            1Cor 9-9         1Cor 10-22

                                    Rom 3,3-9         2Cor 11-1,4,7,19-21

h                         b) Ignoring the truth to convey the truth  verses

                                    Mat 26-24,25         Rom 9,1-3         Phi 3-4
                                    Lk 15-29                 1Cor 15-8         Lk 1-62

                  3) Sarcastic From Being Emotional

i                          a) Sarcastic from being frustrated  verses

                                    Jn 3-4         Jn 18-38         1Cor 4-8,10


j                          b) Sarcastic from being angry  verses

                                    Jn 9-27         2Cor 10-1         2Cor 12-13

                                    Rom 2,17-24

                  4) Addressing The Fool

k                         a) Answering a fool according to his folly  verses

                                    Jn 10-32        Jn 18-33,34         2Pet 2-15,16

l                          b) Scoffing at the wicked  verses

                                    Lk 12-52,53         Lk 16-9         Jm 1-10

                                    Rev 2-24

m                       c) Scoffing at false doctrine     1Pet 3-21  verse







Paradox -- Anomalies / Limits of God    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)



        D) LIMITS OF GOD  Heb 11-6

                  Note: the Scriptures do not testify of God liking or disliking anything. He is 

                  only capable of love and hate.

                  1) God Cannot Tolerate Sin

                       a) God cannot tolerate unbelief

a                                     I- God cannot allow unbelief in His presence  verses

                                                Mat 7-23              Lk 11,37-54         2The 2,8-12

                                                       22,7-14         Jn 11-30               Rev 21-27

                                                Rev 16-18,19

b                                     II- impossible to please God without faith  verses

                                                Lk 9-41         Gal 5,3-5         Heb 11-6

c                          b) God has limited patience  verses

                                    Lk 13,6-9,24-28         Jn 2,13-17              1Cor 5,3-5,9-13
                                         14,16-24                Act 13,6-12                      10,5-11
                                         19,45-48                Rom 11,17-24        2The 3-6,10-15

                                    1Pet 3-20
d                         c) God cannot help but judge sin  verses

                                    Lk 10,10-16             Gal 5,19-21         1The 5,1-3

                                    Mat 11,20-24           1Cor 11,27-30              2,14-16

e                         d) God cannot sin    Jm 1-13         1Jn 3-9   verses

                           e) God cannot lie    Tit 1-2         Heb 6-18

f                 2) God cannot directly violate the will of man  verses

                            Rom 1,21-32         Heb 10,26-31,37-39        1Jn 5-16

                            Heb 6-6                  2Pet 2,1-22                       Rev 14,9-11

g                3) God cannot forgive through the blood of bulls and goats     Heb 10-4  verses

                  4) God cannot deny Himself     2Tim 2-13

                  5) God cannot die     Act 2-24

                  6) God cannot save the reprobate  Heb 6,4-6

        E) WEAKNESS OF GOD 1Cor 1-25

                  1) God Subjects Himself To Human Frailty

h                         a) His weakness is stronger than men  verses

                                    Jn 20,28-30           2Cor 12,5-11          Heb 2,9-18

                                    Rom 1-16                        13-3,4,9         1Jn 4-2,3

                                    1Cor 1,25-31         2Tim 4-3                 Rev 5-5,6

                                              13,4-8           Lk 1,30-35

i                          b) His weakness makes Him small compared to men  verses

                                    Mat 11-6         2Cor 8-9         Gal 6-14

                                    1Cor 4-10                11,7-15,23-30

j                 2) Foolishness of God  verses

                            Mk 8-38         1Cor 3,18-23         2Cor 8-9

                            Act 16-28                4,9-16                     11,1-3,10-12

                            1Cor 1,18-27         15-19                       12-11,12,20,21


        F) GOD HELPS SATAN Mat 4-1

k                1) God’s judgments accomplish the devil’s will  verses

                            Jn 3,18-20              Eph 5,3-7              2Pet 2,1-3,10-12

                                 6,43-45,65        1The 2,14-16         Rev 6,1-8

                            1Cor 11,27-32                5,1-3                      9,1-12

l                 2) Jesus blinds the world  verses
                            Jn 9,39-41          Jn 14-19,22-24         2The 2-11,12
                                 12-39,40        Act 13-11



Paradox -- Anomalies / God Helps Satan    (Chapter Outline  /  Navigation Bar)


a                3) Jesus answers the devil’s prayer  verses
                            Mat 8-31,32         Lk 22-31         Rev 20,7-10
                            Lk 8-31,32
b                4) God gives people over to Satan  verses
                            Rom 1,24-32         1Cor 5,3-5         1Tim 4-2

                            Lk 12-58,59           Jn 8-31,37-44
c                5) God unites Satan’s efforts to make war with Jesus  verses
                            Rev 16-12         Rev 17-17
                  6) God leads His son into temptation by the devil

                             Mat 4-1        Lk 4,1-13

                  7) God gives the devil a mouth to curse the Lord     Rev 13-5,6
         G) JESUS BRINGS DIVISION Mat 10-34
d               1) Jesus divides a society along it’s natural fault lines  verses
                            Jn 7,40-43         Jn 10,19-21         Act 23,6-10
e               2) Jesus brings division instead of peace  verses
                            Mat 26-31         Act 17,2-5         Act 24-5
                            Act 14-4
f                3) Families break up because of faith in Christ  verses
                            Mat 10,34-36         Mk 13-12         Lk 12,51-53

                            Lk 11-19
         H) SATAN BRINGS UNITY LK 23-12
g               1) Satan unites the world for the cause of persecution  verses
                            Mat 26-47,57               Lk 23-12         Act 18,11-13
                                   27-1,2,17-31         Act 7-56,57           21-30
                            Mk 7-1                          Rev 11-9,10
h               2) Satan unites the world for the cause of deception  verses
                            Act 19-29,34         2Tim 3,1-5          Rev 19-19
                            2The 2,3-12          Rev 16-13,14,16        20,7-10

                            Rev 17,3-11          Lk 21-7,8
i        I) SATAN GLORIFIES GOD  verses
                 Mat 18-34,35            Act 19,13-20         1Tim 1-20
                 Lk 22-31,32              1Cor 5-5                 Heb 2,14-18
                 Jn 13-18,23-27         2Cor 12-7              Rev 2,8-11

                 Rev 17,10-18